Kokuyo Camlin unveils funky stationery products for kids

Kokuyo Camlin unveils funky stationery products for  kids

Mumbai, 27th February 2017: Kokuyo Camlin Ltd (formerly known as Camlin Ltd) premier and pioneer stationery and art marketer has recently launched some really funky and innovative products for school children.  From the unique triangular plastic crayons to some other cool stationery products. Triangular Crayons!! What will they think of next?

The Camel Triangular Plastic Crayons are distinct with the triangular design shape– specially designed for kids to get a better grip. They come in attractive colors and are non-smudging – so kids do not get their hands all dirty. These crayons can be sharpened. Also they are easily washable – a huge relief for mothers with kids that scribble on any surface. Since these crayons are specially designed keeping kids in mind they are non-toxic and extremely safe for children to use.Priced at Rs.100, the Camel Triangular Plastic Crayons also has a free sharpener and an eraser.

From triangular crayons to Camel Gel Crayons Metallic – this is another funky product being introduced from the Kokuyo Camlin bouquet of products. Available in 6 assorted metallic shades; these crayons are especially useful to reproduce glittery silky effect. They come in rich and vibrant shades with superior color blending.  The uniqueness of this Camel Gel Crayons Metallic is it has a unique twist mechanism to it. Another interesting feature to this Camel Gel Crayons Metallic is that by touching a wet brush you can reinvigorate the colors to almost give it a water color effect. Priced at Rs 180, this product can easily be washed off from surfaces like glass, laminated wood and tiles. Another product that mothers’ would appreciate

Another really funky stationery product launched is the Supreme Foldable Scale.  The intriguing design of the scale is completely different from any normal scale you may have seen in the past.   It is a multi-use and compact product which fits in your regular stationery kit without any hassle. The 30 cm foldable scale can fold to a 15 cm scale. It has a 180 degrees protractor markings and circular stencils for geometric usage. Its ease of use and remarkable ergonomic design will make it an instant delight with school kids. Priced at Rs 25 the Supreme Foldable Scale will be a prized possession for your kids

So what are you waiting for?  Get your kids to experience these funky products.

About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd

Kokuyo Camlin Limited  www.kokuyo.co.in (formerly known as Camlin Limited) www.kokuyo.co.in  is in the business of  marketing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence.

for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks.

In the year 2011, Kokuyo S&T ltd, a Japanese corporation engaged in the business of stationery, notebooks and school furniture acquired majority stake in the Company. Kokuyo S&T ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Kokuyo Co. Ltd., Japan. Kokuyo S&T’s product line includes office stationery, notebooks and office supplies.