Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair

Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health

Jaggery/Gur Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair
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When you are looking for a natural Sweetening Agent with high nutritional values then jaggery is the most suitable option to be considered. Known for its sweetness, an amazing texture, and unique aroma Jaggery is nothing new for elder people. This 100% natural and organic sweetener is prepared using sugarcane juice and has numerous properties which make it a healthier substitute of white crystallized sugar. It is not only a sweetening agent as it has several therapeutic properties which make it an important ingredient in many herbal tonics. This wonderful substance has a very simple name in Hindi and Punjabi as it is known as ‘gur’ Or ‘Gudd’.

Jaggery is considered as energy food due to high carbohydrate content which provides energy over an extended period of time and highly recommended for athletes. It helps with the digestion when consumed after a heavy meal. It is also considered as a cleansing agent as it helps effective cleaning of respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach, and intestines. From fish bait to Animal feed this sweetener can be used for various purposes. It is a good source of Iron but the overconsumption of Jaggery can make you diabetic hence use it accordingly.

Jaggery is known by many names in India, in Hindi it is commonly called as Gura / Gur, In Tamil it is called as Vellam, in Malayalam it is called as Sharkkara / Vellam, in Telugu it is called as Bellam / Bellamu, in Kannada it is called as Bella, in Bengali it is called as Gur, in Gujarati it is called as Gol / Gur, in Konkani it is called as Godd, in Marathi it is called as Gul, in Oriya it is called as Guda, in Punjabi it is called as Gur and in Kashmiri it is called as Gor.

Our previous generations are very fond of it as they were well aware of the benefits jaggery. Many people still prefer it over any artificial sweetener to add the real taste in food products.

Jaggery / Gur Benefits for Health

1.  Treats Cough And Cold

A cough and Cold are a common problem with the changing season. For treating such problems effectively having Gur in raw form is recommended. You can have it in tea or warm water too. Consuming jaggery also helps to get relief from migraines.

2. Relieves Joint Pain

If you are facing severe aches and pains in your joints then have a piece of ginger and Jaggery to alleviate joint pain. For stronger bones and prevention of arthritis, you should drink warm milk by adding Jaggery in it.

3. To Control Body Temperature

Jaggery works amazingly in controlling the body temperature. Asthma patients are required to maintain a normal body temperature at all times. Jaggery works amazingly to do the same.

4. Provides Instant Energy

After a heavy working hour, you can try eating a piece of Gur to achieve a dose of instant energy. The best thing is Gur will be digested and absorbed by your body gradually and the blood sugar levels will not be affected too

5. Deals With Digestive Disorders

A healthy digestive system is must for a healthy body and to achieve it jaggery consumption helps you like no substance could. It leads to proper functioning of your digestive system and prevents serious digestive problems which can ruin your day.

6. Supports Secretion of Enzymes

Digestive enzyme secretion is must for a healthy and proper digestion. It supports the process of digestion by getting converted into acetic acid and boosting the digestive enzymes which lead to quick and complete digestion of your meal.

7. Controls Bowel Movement

jaggery or Gur helps in controlling the proper bowel movement and it results in the prevention of problems like flatulence, indigestion, intestinal worms, constipation etc.

8.  In Purification of Blood

Jaggery is added to health tonics and several other medicines as it helps in the purification of human blood. Its consumption leads to removal of toxic agents present in the blood which further helps to cure several skin diseases.

9. Prevents Blood-related disease

Consumption of jaggery is good for your blood as this sweetener boosts the immunity by boosting the hemoglobin content of the blood. This immunity helps to prevent several blood disorders and blood-related diseases.

10. Prevents Anemia

Consumption of Jaggery ensures the right amount of iron and folate is provided to the body. It helps to maintain the normal level of red blood cells in the blood. Its dosage is highly beneficial to anemic ladies especially pregnant women. Consuming jaggery also provides you with instant energy that prevents fatigue and weakness.

11. Treating Menstrual Problems

Jaggery is highly recommended to the ladies having menstrual problems. This sweetener is loaded with many nutrients. It is the best remedy to achieve relief from stomach ache and cramps. For ages it has been used as an effective home remedy for many menstrual problems.

12. For Weight Loss

Jaggery or Gur consumption effectively aids in weight loss. If you are looking for an easy and healthy method of weight loss then you can consider adding Jaggery in your daily diet.