Indian Company addresses problems of Vaccine and Pharma delivery - makes India proud by winning “Supply Chain Innovation Award 2017” in London

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-        Pluss receives Award for its Make in India Product-Celsure for Temperature Controlled Vaccine Transport

-         Celsure awarded by International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC)

-        Latest WHO data states more than 25% of the vaccines go waste globally primarily because of the broken cold chain


Pluss the winner of Temperature Controlled Logistics Awards-
 Pluss the winner of Temperature Controlled Logistics Awards-

Samit Jain recieving the award in London-
Samit Jain recieving the award in London-

15th February 2017; New Delhi : Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd (PLUSS®) are pioneers in the field for thermal energy storage in India and are helping meet the growing energy demands in the country. Celsure®, a Make-in-India response by Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd to the concerns of temperature control in pharmaceutical shipments was recently recognized and awarded at the 16th Annual Cool Chain Temperature Controlled Logistics in London

Celsure®, a Phase Change Material based temperature controlled packaging solution, was awarded the Supply Chain Innovation Award 2017 on the second day of the event. The event organized by International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) in collaboration with ColdChainIQ is a forum of all the leading international players of the pharmaceutical supply chain industry. It showcased all the latest innovations and discussed the upcoming trends in the industry.

Celsure®, launched only a year back by Pluss, was pitted against its more established global competitors like Sonoco Thermosafe, Pelican Biothermal and Va-Q-Tec for the award. However, Celsure® is the only product in the world which guarantees temperature control even at extreme summer conditions of 40⁰C in India and is the only box which has a single step conditioning process with no sweat time or thawing. This has made the packaging and operations a lot simpler for the pharmaceutical companies.

As per the latest WHO data more than 25% of the vaccines go waste globally primarily because of the broken cold chain. Celsure® promises to address this issue with a robust temperature control across climatic zones. Celsure® has already been adopted by DHL and BlueDart as their preferred temperature control packaging solution. It has also been successfully evaluated by certain pharmaceutical companies in India and is on course to change the way products are shipped in the pharmaceutical industry.

Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies said, “It is an honour to be recognized for your work in front of your International and Indian peers. We are pioneers in many of the fields that we work in and would continue to produce results which will be helpful for the country and the mankind. We will continue to live up to the vision of our company of “Creating Impactful Innovations”

About Pluss Advanced Technologies: A pioneer in advanced Phase Change Materials Technology (PCM), Pluss is the only Indian company engaged in research and indigenous development of PCMs for a wide range temperature requirement with several patents. Pluss is focused on creating value for its customers by designing innovative products and solutions in the field of Speciality Polymers and Phase Change Materials. Pluss is a venture funded organization with equity stake being held by Tata Capital Innovation fund, a premium fund of the TATA group from India. With its innovative products, Pluss Advanced Technologies is making its presence felt across the globe with representatives in USA, Turkey, South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa. Pluss intends to be amongst the top innovative companies in the world in the near future.

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