Hitachi Industry & Control Launches “ADSTEFAN 2017” Casting Simulation System in India

New Delhi, February 21, 2017: Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd., a part of Hitachi Group, today announced that the launch of ‘ADSTEFAN 2017’, its casting simulation system in India. The company will start selling ADSTEFAN 2017 to product design and manufacturing companies in India from March this year. Hitachi Industry & Control aims to sell 150 licenses per year in India, China and South East Asia.

Hitachi Industry & Control Launches “ADSTEFAN 2017” Casting Simulation System in India

ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation tool to predict casting defects before they occur on the front lines of casting production. With the launch of ADSTEFAN 2017, Hitachi Industry & Control will contribute to the research, design, development, and manufacturing of social infrastructures, automobiles, transport equipment, airplanes, IT, environment, and power related equipment in India.

ADSTEFAN simulates the inflow of molten metal into casting molds as well as the hardening process, both of which are unseen, and visualizes the process in 3D. This enables the reduction in the number of casting prototypes, shortened development time, and improved quality, thereby reducing costs and resources consumed before a mold is ready for production. The tool has many enhanced functions that helps design or manufacturing companies respond to their market needs in a shorter time.

The 2017 version of ADSTEFAN has increased temperature analysis accuracy, product defect visualization utilizing X-ray CT imaging data, and enhanced functions to improve comparative verification accuracy. Furthermore, it features parallel calculation with multiple CPUs and an improved licensing system to allow the combined simultaneous execution of differential analysis for better simulation and analysis performance.

Many companies in the molding materials industry are beginning to use CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) and computer-based analysis systems. Since Hitachi Industry & Control started to sell ADSTEFAN in 1999, it has aggressively enhanced the functions and improved the product performance based on customer companies’ requests. The tool has contributed to the development of the molding materials industry.