Global Schools Alliance partners with India based Vega Schools, to create a global workforce

Gurgaon, February 28th, 2017 : The Global Schools Alliance (GSA) headquartered in Copenhagen, with member schools in USA, UK, Denmark, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand, has partnered with Gurgaon based Vega Schools as its Indian counterpart school. The GSA is a collection of the 10 most progressive schools in the world that are taking 'being global' to the next level.

Its charter is to create children that are truly globally ready.

While traditionally global meant having a global curriculum like IB and arranging for a few student or teacher exchanges during the sessions, GSA believes that in the world of the future, when our children join the workforce, technology will enable them to work across the world every single day.

A professional in Delhi may start the day with working with someone in Tokyo and a businessman may end his day by virtually working with someone in San Francisco. With reduced travel time and costs, workers will travel and work across many countries, making it imperative for our children to learn to relate with various cultures, and to make friends around the world, right from a young age. Companies will search for talent that is truly 'globally ready' and can adjust to the challenges thrown at them.

The GSA is taking the future of global education by starting a variety of programs across their 10 partner schools:

-Creating a common 'global' definition of success for children in the 21st century, and implementing it in their respective curriculum

-Every teacher has a learning buddy in a GSA school, to foster learning and teaching practices across countries

-Annual ‘school leader’s meets’ to exchange global best practices. Two meets already held in 2015 in New Delhi and 2016 in Copenhagen

-Co-creating virtual classrooms where children of various ages can communicate and conduct regular projects that tie into their curriculum

-Visiting and assessing each other's schools on an annual basis and improving via positive best practice sharing and peer pressure

-Sharing learning resources such as technology platforms, apps, scientific research etc.

Through partnering with GSA, Vega students, right from a young age, will develop a deep understanding of various world cultures and foster close relationships with other students around various continents. This will help the students, to work effortlessly and seamlessly in the globalized world of the future.

Commenting on the partnership, Lene Jensby Lange, GSA coordinator, Denmark said- "Vega School in Gurgaon was the natural pick for GSA due to its unique project based learning approach which makes it different from all other schools in the region, and more in sync with the unique needs of the today's workplace"

Sandy Hooda, Co-founder, Vega Schools said "Everything as we know it has changed, right from our automobiles, our phones, our businesses are getting redefined, and we know the world is changing faster than light! We need to prepare students for a world that, thanks to technology, will be completely globalized and vastly different. Vega school and GSA are created to harness the change and prepare our children for a world when they will enter a very different and globalized workplace".

About Vega

Vega began with a parent whose child developed an aversion to his school. The parent was denied access to his child's classroom - to understand what might be causing the trauma and terror. The school being one of the highest rated schools in Delhi didn't make things easy, it looked like there were no alternatives!

Therefore, the birth of Vega schools, a collaborative effort by some of the best schools in the world, was to create an Indian member that would be contextually relevant yet progressive.

Vega also values progressive and immersive learning.  Progressive 21st century schools recognise that future work environments will demand a different skill set from young people. These skills include leadership, teamwork, strong communication skills, problem-solving, and positive work ethics etc.