Connect Broadband brings ‘Connect-I’ to ensure Ultimate Security for your Home and Business

Chandigarh, 23 February 2017: Connect Broadband brings the ultimate security for your house and business through a cloud based monitoring system named ‘Connect-I’. This product is a smart surveillance system that you can install without any external assistance to protect your home from unwarranted threats. The camera records each activity that takes place where it is installed and sends the encrypted live (HD Quality) videos to your devices such as your mobile phone.

Connect Broadband brings ‘Connect-I’ to ensure Ultimate Security for your Home and Business

Connect Broadband has been the precursor of innovation and the bearer of advanced technology and now the company has launched their most contemporary product to guard your house and office. Its features such as low upfront investment, wall mounting, built in mic and speaker, motion detection alert, night vision, and temperature alert make this product an exceptional prodigy.

Some of its most distinctive features are:

·         High Resolution: The recordings made on this camera are high definition thus you will not be worried about the quality of images or videos you receive through this technology.

·         Night Vision Mode: Night Vision mode makes it a great product that captures clear images even when the lighting in your house is dim or non-supportive.

·         Temperature Alert: You will be getting notification and alerts if the temperature goes up or down unexpectedly.

·         Motion Alert: Along with getting alerts when the temperature varies unexpectedly, it notifies you if it registers even the slightest of unexpected motioning in your premises.

·         Cloud Storage: With ‘Connect-I’ your data is being saved on a virtual yet extremely secure cloud and you can download and watch the recording on your mobile or other devices anytime you want.

·         Future Proof: ‘Connect-I’ is future proof, meaning it is configured to auto update any updates that will be released in the future. Thus, you do not need to be worried about it being an outdated product in the future.

In times where consumers are forever worried for their security, ‘Connect-I’ provides absolute assurance that your house is secure whether or not you are at home. The costing of ‘Connect I’ is extremely competitive and the hardware is available for zero cost for the Connect Broadband customers. You only have to pay for the storage of the content which can be availed for just Rs. 299 a month, which will be charged to your Connect Broadband bill.

Speaking at the launch of the futuristic product ‘Connect-I’ Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO, Connect Broadband, said “The team at Connect Broadband is consistently involved with bringing contemporary and advanced technology products for the consumers of India. Connect-I, the revolutionary product will ensure the coveted security and prevention of any unpleasant experiences for the users. The product is cutting-edge, easy to install, the video quality is outstanding and you can watch live feed of what goes on in your house in your absence, on your phone. We have brought this product for the users at the most competitive price so that you are assured security at all times.”