Citrus Fruits Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health

Benefits of Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits Benefits for Skin,Hair,Health
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Do you love having fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes? Also known as citrus fruits these fruits are well known for their sweet- tangy flavor and a fresh aroma all over the world. These tasty seasonal fruits are easily available in any part of the world. Peeling off the upper layer (the covering) is the must before consumption but the peeled layer has its own benefits too. Known for the best source of Vitamin C and fructose these fruits have a wide application from Kitchen to medicinal purposes. You can consume it directly as salad, juice or in any other way. They are rich in copper, phosphorus, thiamin, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, niacin, phytochemicals and in magnesium too.

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

1.  Healthy Immune System

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in the citrus fruits contributes for a healthy Immune system. Regular intake of such fruits is recommended by physicians especially during winter season. Citrus fruits help to prevent the common cold, flu, and fever.

2. For Healthy Digestion

A glass of fresh orange juice or simply an orange after a meal of fatty foods is an amazing way to help digestion. It also prevents nausea often caused due to overeating.

3. Improves Blood Flow

Citrus fruits are known to oxidize bad cholesterol. Its consumption improves the blood flow in the arteries and also prevents blood clotting. These fruits deal with the destruction of calcium deposits in the arteries and pancreas.

4. Excellent Source Antioxidants

Citrus fruits contain the highest amount of antioxidants hence they are an excellent source of Antioxidants when compared to other fruits. Their consumption stimulates the immune system.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

If you want to contribute to weight loss simply by healthy eating habits then simply consider having Citrus fruits in the morning. For balancing the sugar level, reducing the bad cholesterol and to detoxify the liver its consumption is healthy for diabetic patients.

6. Healthy Teeth and Gums

Bleeding of gums is caused due to Vitamin C deficiency in the body. It also results in weak teeth among children. Regular intake of citrus fruits is recommended by the doctors to solve such problems.

7. Anti-cancer Properties

Citrus fruits are an important source of limonoids and flavonoids. Flavonoids are important to control the growth of cancer cells and different body tumors. Research has shown that eating citrus fruits can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer by about 10%.

8. Prevents Heart Disease

High amounts of antioxidants present in citrus fruits are healthy for the heart. These antioxidants counteract free radicals and result in a low risk of cardiovascular diseases hypertension and stroke.

9. Relieves a sore throat

A cup of lemon tea or simply try some warm water with few drops of lemon as a home remedy to deal with a sore throat. You can also try Orange juice with turmeric for the quick healing of a sore throat.

10. Prevents Anemia

Citrus fruits improve the appetite of an individual and further help in reducing anemia effectively.

11. Osteoporosis

Citrus fruits work to strengthen the bones and make them strong. Research shows that orange juice works to help the body absorb calcium and Vitamin D better, which are needed to have strong bones.