Celebrate relationships this Valentine’s Day with Amazon.in

Gift your loved one something special from Amazon.in’s Valentine’s Day store 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is excited! This is a day to celebrate the love that each one of us is surrounded with, through the various relationships in our lives – be it with our parents, friends, teachers or that special someone. From expressing the love that’s felt towards family and friends to the appreciation towards colleagues and classmates to even the deep connection with our pets! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to say “thank you” to those who care about us and to show love to those who are significant in our life.

There are a lot of ways to share the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few ideas to help make this day memorable for your loved ones.

beautiful heart jewelry  from amazon

Amazon Fashion

A heart is an international symbol of love and this symbol of love, rules the most when it comes to gifting jewelry during Valentine’s Day. So what are you waiting for?  Make the most of this special opportunity with  heart shaped jewelry available at Amazon.in and woo your loved one’s heart with beautiful heart jewelry. From stylish heart pendants and earrings to colorful heart bracelets and rings, the store surely has something for everyone.

Home decor from amazon

Home Décor

Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day by creating special moments round your house. Create a romantic comer with  aroma candles, beautiful  love seat and dim lighting to spend some quite time together. Pamper your kids by changing the look for their room and adding a decorative  wallpaper or a pretty  play tent. Add some Bollywood funk to you dining room with various types of  Crystal Windows.

Cameras & Accessories from amazon
Cameras & Accessories

Click, Click, Click! What better way to capture precious memories than with a camera! This Valentine’s Day chose from an assortment of cameras across price ranges to gift your loved ones. For the people looking for instant gratification   Amazon.in offers  Instant Film Cameras, perfect to get your memory in a printed hardcopy! You can also choose to go professional and invest in  DSLR cameras to help you capture beautiful moments with every click.

Pets valentine day from amazon


Valentine's Day is generally about showing your love to your significant other. What if your valentine has four legs, a tail and a furry coat, though? Amazon.in has created a dedicated Valentine’s Day  store for pets calling out that our relationships with our pets are one of the greatest examples of unconditional love. Take your cutie out on a date because, you know, nobody loves you more than your tailed-one. Treat them to a new bed or  Sofa. Pamper your pet with new, attractive and  fun toys and show them that they truly are the center of the world for you!

Amazon.in Gift Card – Valentine’s Day Special

Amazon.in Gift Card – Valentine’s Day Special 

 There are many times when one has to choose a gift for a loved one and the innumerable choices make the decision even more difficult and it becomes difficult to purchase the  'perfect' gift. Amazon Gift cards have made gifting easy for its customers and gives them a gift of choice and let them the recipient choose what they want.

A simple yet unique way to express a sweet gesture to friends and loved ones, these gift cards are just a different way to share joy and happiness and make occasions more memorable. Amazon.in has introduced a new concept in the form of Gift Tags. These can easily couple up with a box of chocolates, a flower bouquet or may be a bottle of wine. It is an innovative way to express your love along with your desired accompaniment. There is a quirky  Valentine Pop Card for the ones young at heart - perfect way to display one’s affection to their beloved. This said, it is a new addition to the gift cards selection on Amazon.in. The cute and expressive valentine day gift boxes make an attractive and personalized gift. One can expresses their feelings through its cute caricatures and love messages on it.

These gift cards can be redeemed and converted at over 200 retail stores and 150+ brands of their choice.