BlueStone Unveils Four Unique & Quirky Collections for the Season of Love

BlueStone Unveils Four Unique & Quirky Collections for the Season of Love

The  Deaan Ring Bluestone.com_14398 INR

The  Deaan Ring Price - 14398 INR

Four times the love this Valentines! 

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when the whole world goes all sappy and heart shaped. Jewellery design too celebrates the season of love with hearts in myriad forms. celebrates the season of love with a range of unique, quirky designs that say I Love You.


An enchanting way to portray your love, with delightfully intricate motifs and delicately placed diamonds, these pieces are the perfect hearts to represent the intimate bond you share. Some key pieces from the collection:

The Dgeo Glam Heart Pendant: A stunningly edgy depiction of the quintessential heart; sharp geometric lines create a contemporary pendant that glitters with the sparkle of diamonds. A glamorous and modern interpretation of love for the woman of today.

The Scintillating Bloom Stud earrings: This pair of heart shaped studded earrings has a twist of smooth and delicate clustered floral shapes with embellished diamonds placed perfectly to capture your heart.


Gift your love fine jewellery with a hidden message. Connect the dots and dashes in Morse code and decode the message of love. The key pieces in this distinctive collection include:

The Morse Code Love Necklace: Stunning jewellery offering a contemporary twist which conveys a hidden message engraved on to a pendent with a free flow of tassels.

The Runa Stud Earrings: “Love Forever” etched flawlessly behind the sparkling diamonds that lend an air of secrecy, to a beautifully crafted piece of love.


Playfulness in a relationship is like fizz in a glass of champagne. This collection bubbles over with quirkiness and brings a touch of giggly glitter to your celebration. Some pieces in this collection are:

The U R My Match Pendant: Hold on to her, she is your perfect match! A unique pendant in the shape of a match, made with white-gold, incorporating a rose gold “tip”; this exquisite piece certainly asks her to “light your fire”!

The Love Pill Pendant: Go out on a limb and gift your loved one the perfect medicine! A beautiful gold capsule encrusted with rubies set in enamel is just what the doctor ordered.


Because, no matter what, she will always be the Queen of your Heart, the closest you can come to a coronation is a gorgeous crown ring. Choose from a range of designs that will leave your Valentine spoilt for choice. Key pieces from the collection include:

The Jorja Crown Ring: The crown is a big heart with three rubies placed perfectly on top defining the ring in its majestic presence.

The Deaan Crown Ring: This ring captures the beauty and elegance of romance. Crafted in gold with an exquisite ruby and well-designed arrangement of diamonds, this versatile and innovative design makes it the perfect ring for your loved one.

The Dgeo Glam Heart Pendant - BlueStone, 54814 INR
 The Dgeo Glam Heart Pendant - BlueStone, Price - 54814 INR

The Jorja Crown Ring -BlueStone,10,049
 The Jorja Crown Ring -BlueStone,Price Rs 10,049

The Love Pill Pendant - BlueStone, 13552 INR
 The Love Pill Pendant - BlueStone, Price 13552 INR

The Morse Code Love Necklace - BlueStone, 20449 INR
 The Morse Code Love Necklace - BlueStone, Price 20449 INR

The Runa Stud Earrings - BlueStone, 72928 INR
 The Runa Stud Earrings - BlueStone, Price 72928 INR

The Scintillating Bloom Stud Earrings - BlueStone, 59625 INR
 The Scintillating Bloom Stud Earrings - BlueStone, Price 59625 INR

The U R My Match Pendent  - BlueStone, 8508 INR_1
The U R My Match Pendent  - BlueStone, Price - 8508 INR


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