Assisting students for GD / PI – Mocks by TSM Madurai

Securing decent scores in tests like CAT / XAT / GMAT / CMAT is tough. An average student prepares for more than 6 months and sometimes more than a year to do well in these tests.  But even those who secure good scores often fail to secure a seat in the top B Schools.
Assisting students for GD / PI – Mocks by TSM Madurai

 “Many students, who secure higher percentile and manage to get a call from the top B-schools, often mess it up during the selection process.  Either they fail to realize that getting a good score is only half the battle won and ignore the selection process and the GD / PI or they may not afford to go for one more expensive coaching program for this purpose after already having spent for the application forms”, says Prof. Manjula N, Chairperson Admissions, Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai.

GD / PI or WAT/PI process is a critical part of the component for evaluating the skill sets of a student and his potential managerial capabilities.

The 3 basic things important in GD is -

1. Content clarity
2. Verbal Communication
3.  Non Verbal Communication

Admission committees rely on this to a great extent as this reflects the attitude and the thought process of the student. There have been cases of CAT aspirants who receive GD / PI calls from multiple B Schools including may be IIMs, but have not been able to convert to one. In fact for many B Schools it is an elimination process.

Now, that the MBA test results are out or expected to be declared soon (CAT and XAT is already out; CMAT is awaited) the challenge is to – How to tackle GD/ PI and confirm a call from the top B Schools. With close to 3 lacs MBA aspirants and barely 30 – 35 thousand seats available in top B Schools of the country the competition is tough.

To assist students on this, TSM Madurai is conducting mock GD / PI practice sessions in various places. Two of the upcoming sessions are scheduled in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam.

“The objective is to assist students and mentor them through their admission seeking process.Often we find talented students who may not be very comfortable in opening up in public or shy away from speaking his mind in a group. We need to create an atmosphere where we are able to judge the student by his merit and not just select someone who may be an extrovert by nature and loose a better candidate in the course. In fact, unlike other B Schools, TSM Madurai has different pricing structures for application forms. Students are required to pay the full amount only if they are selected. One can apply by just paying Rs. 600.00 and pay the rest amount of Rs. 900.00 only if they are selected”, added Prof. Gautam Ghosh, Director TSM Madurai.

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