AMIDT Group ties up with Okaidi, leading luxury French brand for children’s clothing

·         AMIDT Group will have total franchise rights over the retail stores in the Middle East countries
·         AMIDT Group plans to open up various brands in South Asia and India in the near future with their group company, I Retail.
·         AMIDT Group ventures in the apparels business

India, 1 February 2017: The AMIDT Group today announced its strategic tie-up with leading French brand for children’s clothing, Okaidi. The AMIDT group which has diverse business sectors will be opening up retail stores for Okaidi across the Middle East where they are not present. The business model will be through a franchise route for these retail stores.

Under this agreement, the AMIDT group will open 6 stores by the end of the first year and 12 stores by the end of the second year. The retail stores would be strategically placed in various Middle Eastern countries where Okaidi is not present. Okaidi, the French luxury brand, specializes in children’s clothing and provides a wide range of comfortable, creative, innovative, sustainable and contemporary fashion to over 52 countries in the world.

Mr. Alireza Moghaddam, Chairman, AMIDT Group said, “Setting up retail outlets in strategic locations will give us a competitive edge in the Middle East market. With this tie-up, we will offer contemporary ranges of high-quality items at affordable prices. This will give a boost to the apparel industry and will offer a variety of trendy clothing for the younger generation.”

Mr. Feyruz, International Business Director, Okaidi said, “With this partnership, we are looking forward to expanding our business in the Middle Eastern countries. We are very focused on this association and will ensure a good business relationship with AMIDT Group.”

AMIDT group is a diversified conglomerate in the field of infrastructure, automobile components, retail, packaging, consulting and minerals and metals and with this tie-up, the AMIDT Group has ventured into the apparels business, adding one more asset in its diverse business sectors.

About AMIDT Group:

AMIDT is an acronym for Alloy Metal International Distribution Technology group. AMIDT group is focused on the physical production, engineering and trading of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, minerals, chemicals, alloys and scraps. Subsequently, the group expanded its portfolio to include consultancy services, Retail, Packaging and the manufacture of Zinc, Copper and Lead products. Through sustained growth over the past years the AMIDT Group has grown to become a multi-national firm, boasting a range of clients from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia.