Wax your car/bike for spotless shine

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Vista Car Care™, an automotive detailing brand from the house of Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Vista is introducing its latest innovation, HI Shine wax, an advanced wax polish that lends a sparkling shine to your vehicles.

Wax your car/bike for spotless shine

For those who are passionate about their cars and bikes and also seek premium quality products, this is the perfect solution.  This new innovation is extremely beneficial in a fast-paced society like ours. Wax can possibly be the only line of defense from the scratch, environmental abuse and the eyesore bird poop. HI Shine wax keeps your vehicle’s surface free of contamination.

Vista HI Shine wax provides a sacrificial layer to subside the haziness of the paint and unveil the new shine on your car/bike. The high-end finish will give a noticeably deeper, richer and vibrant look to your car/bike. This new innovation is extremely beneficial in a fast-paced society like ours.

The wax gives a captivating look to your car by making the paint look like a reflection in a pool of water. The product is highly economical and reliable to use at any given time. Wax your car/bike to get your vehicle noticed.

Wax your car/bike for spotless shine

About Resil Chemicals 

Resil Chemicals is an innovation-driven, diversified chemical and performance materials manufacturer. In textiles, Resil provides cutting-edge solutions for the complete range of specialty finishes and auxiliaries. With a heritage of more than 25 years of product development and innovation for the textile industry, Resil is today one of Asia’s leading innovative formulators of silicone for textiles. The product range covers finishing, pre-treatment and specialty processes. Resil was one of the first companies to begin a process of transformation by exploring the power of silicones in diverse industries. The Company has developed into new markets and now serves agriculture, paper, leather, personal care and many other specialty chemical industries. Resil has a whole new range of products based on emerging technologies such as antimicrobials for various industrial applications (mainly textiles, plastics, and leather). Advanced Functional Materials for various specialty applications can also be customized on request.

For more information about Resil Chemicals &;Vista Car Care, please visit www.resil.com,


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