Sherlock season 4 premieres on AXN on 7th January


Sherlock season 4 premieres on AXN on 7th January

The most awaited show of 2017, Sherlock S4, premieres on AXN

National, Monday, January 02, 2017:

This is the best way to begin the new year for all Sherlock fans. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have come together one more time for a brand new season of BBC drama ‘Sherlock’ that will air exclusively on AXN India from January 7, 2017, every Saturday at 8 pm. Everyone’s favourite detective duo – the temperamental Sherlock Holmes and the ever-faithful Doctor Watson, is back to 221B Baker Street for their biggest, toughest and the most exciting challenge so far.

Sherlock season 4 premieres on AXN on 7th January
Sherlock season 4 premieres on AXN India (AXN) on 7th January

After 3 successful seasons, the latest addition to the most loved thriller series will showcase new faces and bigger hurdles for Sherlock Holmes. Returning from his forced exile, Sherlock reunites with Dr. Watson to figure out how his nemesis Moriarty, could be back from the dead! Adding to this intensity is another murky villain Culverton Smith played by English actor, Toby Jones.

AXN has rolled out a robust 360-degree marketing plan across on-air, outdoor, radio, social media and on-ground to make this the most celebrated Sherlock season. AXN, in association with Uber, will run a 3-week long on-air campaign across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore starting with a prescreening buzz. In the pre-launch week, fans need to unlock the Sherlock code on the Uber app and a lucky few will get a chance to attend the exclusive Sherlock Season 4 Premiere, thus gifting themselves a chance to watch the show before the rest of India does! In the following weeks, ‘Sherlock’ viewers will have the amazing opportunity to get special discounts on their Uber rides by using the code that flashes on AXN during the show.

To ensure maximum eyeballs for the premiere, AXN has also initiated a 2-week interactive experience across the 3 cities at Social Cafés to make people think, feel and live, Sherlock. Wearing the Sherlock hat, guests have to seek some clues in order to become eligible to win an iPad or exclusive AXN hampers!

To intensify the Sherlock fever, AXN has signed on East India comedy artist, Azeem Banatwalla, to take the viewers through the ‘Sherlock’ journey. Coupled with Azeem’s wacky humour, this especially designed video will summarize all the last seasons of Sherlock.

Saurabh Yagnik, EVP and Business Head, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “AXN is home to some of the best shows and characters in the English entertainment space. AXN has been home to Sherlock ever since the show launched and grew tremendously in popularity. We have been keenly waiting for the launch of the new season. It is the most awaited show of 2017 and we wanted to air it around the same time as its world premiere for our viewers. There is a strong line up of more such exciting shows and new seasons in 2017.”

~Don’t miss the mysterious disclosures by Sherlock on Season 4, premiering on January 7, every Saturday at 8 PM and repeat on Sunday 8 pm & 11pm exclusively on AXN. It’s time to Live Exclusive. Live R.E.D. ~