SharpEdge's Founder Sanjay Choudhary Launches Incuspaze



On 28th Jan 2017, Incuspaze was launched in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, 30th January, 2017 - Incuspaze is on a mission to bridge the gap that exists within Indian startup ecosystem. Most entrepreneurs have the ideas but not necessarily have the right support to succeed. Incuspaze was born out of a need to create a self-sustainable ecosystem that the startups require to reach heights.

Incuspaze is not just a co-working space; they offer a complete ecosystem which helps startups sustain and grow. At Incuspaze, they believe that to build a great ecosystem they need right businesses and like-minded people who can help each other and grow/evolve together.

SharpEdge's Founder Sanjay Choudhary Launches Incuspaze

SharpEdge's Founder Sanjay Choudhary Launches Incuspaze

SharpEdge's Founder Sanjay Choudhary Launches Incuspaze

Typically Co-working means a fancy office created in an empty location where startups and early stage companies work. Just sitting together in a room is not what co-working is all about, co-working space should aim to create an atmosphere and provide startups with a platform where they can thrive in a culture of collaboration and openness and be a part of a sustainable environment. That is what Incuspaze is all about; they are more than just a co-working space.

They have ‘Collaborate and Benefit’ sessions, aimed at mutually beneficial exchange of information.

Sanjay Choudhary founded Incuspaze; he is UK based entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, and a startup growth consultant. He has vast experience across Enterprises, SMEs, and Startups in UK and India.

Sanjay on launching Incuspaze says that,

I saw a lot of gap in benchmarking an individual, building a good product is easy but building a good business is not easy. My attempt is to make a startup grow, and our sole aim is to make Incuspaze as the Startup destination.

We are creating 5 pillars for startups associating with Incuspaze - Investor connect, Mentor Connect, Startup Connects, Partner Connect and the most important pillar of all is the PEOPLE associating with us.

He added that “We are launching peak performance program for startups, a 360-degree approach. Initially, we are expecting 5-6 startups to be associated with Incuspaze; we are scrutinizing startups because the quality is more important for us rather than quantity.”

Then, Hemant Sharma CEO of Designers Consortium and his design team talked about, “How they have created the world-class theme.” They also added that everybody wants to be up ahead in the ladder; Times Square gives you the persistence that will help us to reach there. Likewise, we have built Incuspaze, as it’s our own.

Further, there was a Panel Discussion on “How AI/ IOT will change the future of business/ challenges & opportunities”. The panelists for the discussion were Tapish Mehta (PWC), Satinder Singh (Head Net AP), Rajesh Dudhha (Sr.VP - Quattro Technologies)

In addition to above, top startups pitched their idea to panel of investors - Corseco, Voltt, SkillMate, Homezop, Sloop, Spaceyfi, Medtoor, Maidentailes, Oswald foundation.

The panel of investors was, 

·         Sanjay Choudhary - CEO & Founder of Crowdinvest &

·         Abhilasha Dafria - CEO of Venturator

·         Vibhuti Channa -  Marketing Director of Vrindian Ventures.

The event closed off with Networking, Food and Beverages with Sufi Music.