Red FM’s RJ Malishka Visits the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss, not Scripted says Debate Panellist Malishka

Mumbai: January 29, 2017: Just before it ends, Bigg Boss season 10, India’s most loved reality show gave its contestants the chance to clear the air about what goes on inside the house through an exclusive debate. Red FM’s RJ Malishka, Ravi Dubey, journalist Shweta and ex-Bigg Boss participant Puneet entered the house and were on the panel supporting their favorite contestants, while choreographer-director Farah Khan played moderator.

From L to R - Panellists Puneet, Malishka, Shweta and Ravi
 From L to R - Panellists Puneet, Malishka, Shweta and Ravi

From LtoR - Punnet, Farah Khan, RJ Malishka, Shweta and Ravi Dubey
From LtoR - Punnet, Farah Khan, RJ Malishka, Shweta and Ravi Dubey

The panel was divided into two teams with Malishka and Ravi supporting the celebrity participants Bani and Lopamudra and Shweta and Puneet supporting team common man, Manu, and Manvir. The debate was a great platform for the final four to be candid with their viewers and clear doubts about why they behaved a certain way during tasks, how they feel about being in the house, confess about the mistakes they’ve made, how they’ve used their friends to survive in the house and put forward their feelings and opinions.    

This was one of the few occasions when outsiders were allowed to enter the Bigg Boss house. When asked, RJ Malishka said that she had a fantastic time ‘grilling’ the participants and getting to know them better. Whether the contestants are celebrities or commoners once they are put to test, a different side of their personality is revealed and their vulnerabilities become much more prominent. Of the four, her personal favorites are Bani and Manvir. She also really admires the strong bond of friendship that Manu and Manvir share.

The episode was aired last night as a prelude to the finale of the show which will be aired tonight.

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