Predictions on the Medical Management of Hair for 2017

2016 Highlights for Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic​

​Bangalore, January 4th, 2016:The year 2016 has been a memorable one for Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic. Now in its 7th year, with numerous achievements in the fields of medical management hair and skin care as well as research in the field, Hairline International has had an eventful year and is proud of being able to address several needs of its clients with advanced services which are closer to what customers really want.

Predictions on the Medical Management of Hair for 2017

Here are the highlights of some of Hairline’s path breaking achievements in 2016:

Introduction of Cranial Scalp Prosthetics

One of the issues that came up consistently among patients is that they were unhappy with densityachieved in a hair transplant. People were looking at 100% high density coverage in one session as opposed to multiple sessions. The major issues faced were challenges with donor area,as well as the fact that many patients did not want to go through another session 6-9 months down the line. Hairline found that internationally, hair transplants are being done in conjunction with other technologically advanced procedures. This resulted in the introduction of the cranial scalp prosthetics, where the result in one sitting is as good as a natural head of hair and lasts a significant number of years. This procedure also addresses a problematic scalp donor area. The only ones in the country to introduce this right now, Hairline has tied up with international counterparts in the field to provide the service.

The benefits include the use of a procedure and polymers that are FDA approved. The technology is endorsed and back by the Italian government, the country where this procedure has been pioneered. The prosthetic is like a second skin, making it natural.

This offering is the best that Hairline International currently has to offer from the international market.

Development of Products with Growth Factors

Hairline International has always laid emphasis on research oriented treatment forms. From the research of the last year, evolved the use of PCb2 in hair treatment options provided. Similarly the development and introduction of PGD2 blockers,a prostaglandin that binds to the receptor PTGDR as well as CRTH2 in other words a potential enzyme capable of preventing hair growth is significant.

Hairline has always evolved from offering treatments with adipose-derived stem cells to hair follicle stem cells based therapy. Hair Follicle Stem Cell therapy to enhance the regrowth of hair. This is a procedure that utilizes stem cells present in hair follicles. These cells are processed in a laboratory, made into a solution and reintroduced into the scalp via injections on the bald site. In patients with less than 40% of hair loss, this treatment form is used as a standalone form or may be combined with PRP. For patients with more than 40% of hair loss, this procedure may be combined with hair transplant surgery for effective results.

Also introduced and offered along with the hair regrowth procedure PRP is Extra Cellular Matrix or ECM, a wound-healing material used to regenerate human tissue like skin and muscle. When used in treating hair loss, ECM stimulates the body’s production of adult stem cells, which appears to clinically repair hair follicles and encourage growth.

Hairline International has also launched a number of products with enhanced features – from hair moisturizers to hair sunscreens and more, the organization has constantly been upping its game in the sector.

In 2017

In the New Year, Hairline International plans to evolve its pathology lab to a stem cell lab. This will give them more control on product development thanks to teams who are well qualified to see the whole development process through. Hairline will also have an ethics committee in place to ensure everything is taken care of in an organized manner.

Hairline will also capitalize on research opportunities, in association with government organizations. The work will be in the field of finding ways and means of improving lifestyle for better growth and reducing hair loss in a natural way. The idea is to devise various ways in which life becomes environment friendly.
Alongside the service-oriented part of Hairline’s work, they will also look at putting together customizable schemes for people to improve their lifestyle. One of these is Nutregenomics – where experts will develop gene panelson nutrition, fitness and metabolic issues.

Besides lifestyle changes this will also look at genetically inherited issues that one may have. This will help work on a preventive lifestyle. Being able to approach the elements that influences these genetic aspects ensures that one can control or prevent ailments that one may be prone to.
Each panel will tell you what will work or not work for you. Based on this a patient will be provided a host of antioxidants and guidance on the way forward. This is aimed at people who appreciate preventive cure. People are able to understand their body in advance and this helps extensively.
Hairline will also be upping its game on the technological front and will be acquiring the latest in equipment and devices.

2017 for the Hair and Skin Industry

Internationally, the beauty care products industry is pegged to reach $265 billion in 2017. Close on the heels of skin care, will be the demand for hair care products and treatment forms. Combination therapies such as PRP with ECM, hair transplant with cranial prosthetics and the like will be in demand. This is because people are increasingly looking at quicker and better results with fewer sittings and exposure to invasive surgery procedures. High end technology will find its way into treatment forms, working both on preventive as well as control aspects of medical management of hair.
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