Paper Boat Introduces Chikki Stays true to its brand promise of Food and Memories

January 18,  2017 Bangalore: When we talk preserving recipes, we are inclined to think of elaborate preparations: a made-the-traditional-way Puliyogare, or our grandmother’s rare pickles. We seldom think of the simpler fare in our food heritage – items we tend to take for granted, things we think will anyway last us eternity.

Paper Boat Introduces Chikki Stays true to its brand promise of Food and Memories

This was the dawn of the insight that led to beverage brand Paper Boat. This is how Paper Boat launched a mission to revive those long forgotten liquid traditions, by packaging good old goodness. A few years, several sips, and a successful run of “Drinks and Memories” later, Paper Boat is proud to announce a brand new chapter in this continuous unfolding of Indian food legacy – a foray into “Foods and Memories”.

Presenting, Paper Boat Chikki. Good old chikki, just like you know it, but made a little differently this time. With FairTrade peanuts and jaggery. With conscience and a gold standard. With the fondness of memory.

Paper Boat Chikki will not only look out for the preservation of this age-old recipe, but will also look out for its farmers. It will be the first Chikki, and the first Indian brand, to proudly wear a FairTrade Certificate – which means its highest-quality peanuts and jaggery have been made with ethical farming practices, and much of the proceeds from their cultivation go back towards the betterment of their farmers’ communities.

As always, Paper Boat does not add preservatives or colours to its products. The promise continues with Paper Boat Chikki, While Paper Boat drinks are prepared and packaged in a stringent 1000-grade pharmaceutical industry standard, Paper Boat Chikki can boast of being safely and hygienically manufactured and packaged in the rigorous and exacting standards maintained by international chocolatiers. It’s a first for Chikkis everywhere.

Paper Boat’s signature award-winning design aesthetic carries on into the new range, as Paper Boat Chikki’s packaging dons colours and cues that are familiar from the drinks portfolio. Priced at Rs. 10/- for a 31g bar, and Rs. 12/- for a 36g bar, Paper Boat Chikki is ready to bring Chikki (and sticky fingers!) back to tiffin boxes of all sizes, and appetites of all kinds.
Paper Boat Chikki is available in Delhi-NCR region across modern trade and general trade outlets.

"Foods and memories is an exciting proposition for us. With our first step in the foods category, we want to truly commemorate that timeless snack that came replete with crackling paper and sticky fingers - chikki! We don't want to merely make chikki - our ambition is to make the best, the tastiest, and the most conscientious chikki” Neeraj Kakkar, Co-Founder and CEO of Hector Beverages.

 “We grow peanuts as a rotation crop with cotton. Until now we only had demand for FairTrade cotton and our peanuts used to be sold in the mandi. But with the introduction of Paper Boat Chikki we will now be able to also get better price and FairTrade Premium for our peanuts. We are very happy and excited about this opportunity and will work hard to ensure that our group members have training on how to grow high quality peanuts with good yield. The FairTrade Premium from peanuts would really help our community a lot” Sailesh Patel (CEO, of Farmer Producer Company - Rapar and Dhrangadhra Farmers Producer Co. Ltd.)