NoBroker Now in Gurgaon

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If you’ve been postponing your house hunt because of the burden of heavy brokerage, then start your search today! With no more brokerage, only hassle free and genuine house hunting backed by cutting edge technology.

·         Gurgaon to save up to Rs 400 crores per year  in brokerage starting today

·         Now rent a house without paying any brokerage

·         Home search made easy with unique product features: Life Score and Click & Earn

·         Never before disruption in real estate

·         A made in India startup to help you save your hard earned money

NoBroker Now in Gurgaon

New Delhi, January 27, 2017:, the first of its kind brokerage-free property search portal that connects flat owners and tenants directly with each other by eliminating the middleman, today announced its launch in the bustling real estate market of Gurgaon. Backed by a differentiated and disruptive business model and innovative technology, is all set to revolutionize the way real estate is rented in the city – completely brokerage free.

The annual brokerage paid in Gurgaon is Rs. 400 crores. is planning to crash this brokerage and put the entire savings back in the customer’s pocket. To promote the same, the company has undertook campaigns, such as planting of look walkers in 5 to 6 high footfall malls across the city. has already helped its customers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune save more than Rs 200 crores of brokerage annually. The primary focus is to strengthen the brokerage- free ecosystem and expand to all major cities in India.

Any owner can simply list their property for free on by giving a missed call or leaving a WhatsApp message on 0-8107-555-666. For tenants, has the largest inventory of verified owner listings with extensive information making it easy to shortlist a property. The company also offers assistance for creating and registering rental agreements with home-delivery

Speaking on the launch, Amit Agarwal, CEO & Co- Founder, says, “Gurgaon is an important realty market for us, especially because it is a part of the NCR region. The city is currently a hub of rapid growth, buoyed by the presence of multinational corporations, a thriving service and manufacturing sector. The influx of expatriates and NRIs looking for lucrative jobs have caused a realty boom of sorts. Not to discount the young, tech savvy yet discerning population who understands how technology can disintermediate inefficiencies leading to savings and convenience. Though the overall Indian real estate market witnessed a slump in the recent times, the year look promising as the market is becoming more transparent and structured. It presents a huge opportunity for us to expand and grow”

Cutting edge technology and a positive customer experience has enabled us to witness an explosive growth in our customers as well as transactions in the past one year.’s competitive edge lies in the ecosystem of genuine owners and tenants that has been created through our proprietary technology which identifies and eliminates the broker completely. The market size of residential rental brokerage in top 20 cities in India is $4 bn which is estimated to grow to $12 bn over the next 5 years. The company is all set to expand operations and improve the house hunting experience of customers across the country.

NoBroker Now in Gurgaon has many features to make your home search easy. Akhil Gupta, CTO & Co- Founder, explains, “One of our latest innovation to redefine home search has been the ‘Life Score’. As per the Life Score feature, interested customers in the city can make their home renting decision based on the time taken by them to commute from their home to the work place. Apart from providing the foodie index and lifestyle scores, the platform will also provide the much-needed commute score based on peak time and non-peak time data analysis. This unique feature will play a huge role in reducing road traffic, congestion and pollution. The feature will provide a travel polygan which will let customers know where all they can reach within 15 minutes from their house at any given time of the day, thus facilitating savings in terms of brokerage, travel time, fuel and expenses, lower carbon footprint.” not only helps you save but also helps you earn! The mobile app has a unique ‘click & earn’ feature. Customers can win Rs 100 on every property listed by them on All you have to do is simply click a picture of a ‘To-Let’ board and upload the same through the app.

NoBroker has served 1.5 million customers till now, making it not only India’s but the world’s largest C2C real estate platform. NoBroker is adding more than 1 lakh new registered customers on a monthly basis now and witnessing 5 lakh customer connections every month which lead to a saving of more than 20 crores of brokerage monthly. recently moved to a freemium subscription-fee based model and has been growing revenues aggressively. Unlike many other ‘east-copy-west’ businesses, it’s a built-for-India business model with no direct comparison with any other large online real estate player worldwide. This is the first time that customers are paying upfront platform usage fees in real estate since they can clearly see 80-90% savings in their transaction cost.

Gurgaon, get ready to save. Make your home search smart by logging on to is a disruptive brokerage-free property search portal that connects owners and customers directly with each other by eliminating the middleman. is revolutionizing house hunting not just by eliminating the brokerage but by making it convenient and hassle-free with the use of cutting edge technology and innovation.

NoBroker Now in Gurgaon was founded by IIT – IIM graduates, Amit Kumar Agarwal, Akhil Gupta and Saurabh Garg, because they believed that paying hefty brokerage cannot be the only option to find a new home. Tenants, have been paying brokerage year on year without seeing any advantage of the broker. The only reason he existed was that there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. NoBroker removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for free exchange of this information that used to cost 1-2 months of rent as brokerage.

We created an algorithm which identifies and bans brokers from the portal. Today, we have created the world’s largest online real estate ecosystem of over a million genuine customers. has done 2 things to help you find that perfect home:

•Firstly, we have painstakingly verified each listing and made sure that these are direct owners or shared accommodation parties and there are no middlemen or brokers. We use lot of heuristics and techniques to ensure that customers get a totally broker free list.

•Secondly, we have also tried to ensure that maximum information is available to customers in an easy to use format. This ensures that our customers get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. This saves your time and effort and with a quick shortlist of 4-5 properties you can actually get a house in few hours!

Total funding received by NoBroker till now is Rs. 135 crores, with marquee investors from India, Japan, Singapore and Korea.

Amit Kumar Agarwal is the Co-Founder & CEO of Amit founded to revolutionize house hunting not just by eliminating brokerage but by making it convenient and hassle-free with the use of cutting edge technology and innovation.

He looks after overall vision and direction for the company. Out of 13 years of his total work experience, he spent 8 years in management consulting division of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in their Banking and Financial services vertical. In this period, he consulted top Indian and foreign banks for formulating their business strategy (entry & portfolio strategy) and enhanced their on-ground profitability (through large-scale pan-India implementation, impacting hundreds of branches). He led consulting teams, worked directly with CXOs, and won many accolades. This led him to head the strategy function in ANZ Bank reporting to India CEO. Here, he formulated India strategy and was instrumental in getting the bank, the very coveted two additional India branch licenses from RBI. Having won badminton championship in school, his passion is to play squash.

Amit is an alumnus from IIT-Kanpur and IIM- Ahmedabad.