Moonbow Introduces Air Purifier with PM 2.5 Indicator And Air Quality Monitor

January 20, 2017: The brand Moonbow from the house of HSIL Limited has expanded its product portfolio of air purifiers with the launch of a new, stylish and compact room air purifier AP –A8609UIA with a PM 2.5 Indicator and air quality monitor that keeps a track on the air quality in the room in real time.

Moonbow Introduces Air Purifier with PM 2.5 Indicator And Air Quality Monitor

The new purifier comes equipped with key features such as:

·         Puri 5 technology, which is a 5-stage filtration process having a Pre Filter, a True HEPA Filter, an Activated Carbon Filter, UV Light and Refreshing Energizers. These clean the air and kill almost every pollutant present in the surrounding area.
·         PM 2.5 Indicator which tracks the real time pollution of a room and displays the reading
·         Washable pre-filter captures large pollutants such as hair strands, etc. and helps in extending the life of advanced purification filters
·         The highly-efficient True HEPA filters remove 99.97% of microscopic particles bigger than 0.3 microns bringing in the freshness of pristine forest air into your home
·         Activated Charcoal filter is used in conjunction to capture gases and odours.
·         UV lamp eliminates almost 99% germs in the vicinity like mould spores, bacteria, viruses & pollen spores
·         Attractive display with remote control operation for convenience
·         Lower power consumption of 70W
·         Healthy CADR of 481 m3/hr
·         Powerful Japanese motor covers a room size of 500 sq. ft. area

The model is priced at INR 36,990/- and is available simultaneously on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and brick-n-mortar outlets like Croma.

Last year, Moonbow introduced three models of room air purifiers to tackle the menace of the rising air pollution and smog in India. Three models introduced are priced at INR 34,990/, INR 15,990/- and 12,990/- respectively, and are powered by Puri 5 technology, a five stage filtration process.