Metropolis Healthcare trains 200 girls in self defence

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Mumbai, January 20th, 2017:  Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., India’s only Multinational Chain of Pathology Centres in partnership with We Foundation, a NGO working towards educating, empowering and encouraging women; undertook a training session for 200 girls from Dharavi, Mumbai in self-defence, gift wrapping, personality development and other skill building activities.

The 48-week training program titled as the ‘Lakshya Project’ has been initiated with an aim to equip the girls both physically and mentally to tackle any harassment or violence against them. The program included simple and easy defence techniques. The girls also received training for personality development and gift wrapping to enhance their confidence and act as a source of livelihood respectively.

Metropolis Healthcare trains 200 girls in self defence

Metropolis Healthcare trains 200 girls in self defence

Ms. Ameera Shah, Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare said “We are extremely passionate about working towards the cause for women empowerment and this training program is an effort from our end to contribute to the cause. It is up to each one of us to teach the future generation to fight back and stay independent."

Dr. Duru Shah, Founder, We Foundation, said, “Initially we faced a lot of resistance in mobilising the girls for these training sessions. Even parents were not happy about their daughters attending these sessions. It has taken a lot of ground work to bring about a mind-set change and we are pleased with the kind of confidence the girls are exhibiting today. This project is set to become bigger now.”

The recording of crimes against women in India, including rape, domestic violence and abuse, has risen in recent years with 4 out of 5 women becoming victims. This is a step by Metropolis Healthcare to give these girls the weapons to fight back. The Lakshya Project is an on-going project by Metropolis and We Foundation and will continue to transform the lives of women for years to come.
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