ITDC organized Son Et Lumiere (Show) to felicitate 25 National Bravehearts at Purana Qila

Sound & Light show takes the recipients of National Bravery Award winners through a 1000 years’ journey of the capital

New Delhi, 18th January, 2017- Selected for the National Bravery Award, the 25 children from different parts of the country were hosted to a mesmerizing Sound and Light show run by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Ltd at Purana Qila, New Delhi. The kids who will receive the National Bravery awards, for their outstanding acts of gallantry, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Republic Day were invited to showcase the incredible 1000 years journey of rise, fall and shaping of the capital city through a spectacular Sound & Light show ‘Ishq-e-Dilli’ operated by ITDC.

A K Gupta, GM, SEL, ITDC with National Bravery award winners at Purana Qila-
A K Gupta, GM, SEL, ITDC with National Bravery award winners at Purana Qila

Shri Anil Kumar Gupta, General Manager, Sound and Light Show Division, ITDC said, “It is irresistible to see the courage and bravery these kids have portrayed, fighting their fears to protect other life’s and some of them lost their life to save others. These kids are true role models who inspire others; it was an honor to host, meet and interact with these brave souls at the Son Et Lumiere (Show)”.

This year, the Indian Council for child Welfare has selected 25 children for National Bravery Awards. Out of 25, four of the awards are posthumous. These children hailing from different geographical regions will receive the award from Prime Minister on Republic Day and will also be a part of the Republic Day Parade.

In addition to this, India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) has also hosted corresponding Sound & Light show at Red fort & Purana Qila for more than 1300 NCC Cadets as per organization announcement to offer free shows for the armed forces and their families.

About Ishq-e-Dilli Sound & Light Show-

Ishq-e-Dilli is more than just a Sound & light Show. It’s a hi-tech multimedia show that utilizes cutting edge technology. It is India’s first Permanent Projection art Installation. Combined with Delhi’s vibrant past, the entire journey evokes the mood of each historic moment most palpably which promises to be a memorable experience for the viewers.

Ishq-e-Dilli depicts the spirit of Delhi through the history of its ten cities from the period of Prithvi Raj Chauhan to the modern Delhi which now runs on metro. The well- structured evening Sound and Light Show at Purana Qila is a fascinating attraction for visitors to Delhi, with its rocky walls provided with a vigorous backdrop for the light effects.

Timings- Every Evening Two Shows




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6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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