Inputs on Pre-budget expectation of start-ups from Happay

-       10% tax rebate on incremental earnings year over year in digital forms for all SMEs.
-       Enable digitization and payment via credit/debit card for all government fees and payments, taxes, penalties. This will result in  huge adoption.
-       Remove fuel surcharge of 2.5%
-       Working Capital / SME loans at 1% lower rates based on the amount of digital acceptance
Inputs on Pre-budget expectation of start-ups from Happay

About Happay: 
Happay – India’s leading Bangalore based fin-tech start-up that offers expense management solution for SME’s/businesses.  A fast paced start-up in the Indian payment industry that  helps firms track expenses in real time using a tool that is integrated with mobile-enabled payments platform with set expense limits. The solution essentially consists of a VISA card that can be remote controlled through a mobile app and a web platform.
The company’s core vision is to provide end-to-end payment solution  for corporates in simple, fast and secured way. Happay’s revolutionary platform has been instrumental in automating the age-old system of Employee expense management, Vendor payments, Opex expenses, Salary disbursement &  Petty Cash Payments through it's unique web & mobile app-enabled interface.
Since inception, Happay has been the recipient of more than 15 prestigious awards - from being acclaimed as “Nasscom’s Top 10 start-ups" to emerging as the "Best prepaid card product" at IAMAI Awards.
In a short span of time, Happay has established a strong foot-hold in more than 1500 SMEs and Enterprises, across more than 30 verticals which range from Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing and Hyper local to Consulting & NGOs. Till date, Happay’s clientele have been able to successfully avail of its automated services and are able to manage all their monetary operations seamlessly using data analytics effectively.
 Happay has its presence in all metros and major cities in India. For more details, please visit

Anshul Rai:

Anshul Rai, Co-Founder and CEO of Happay, responsible for driving company’s vision and manages the technology and possible business collaboration. He Co-founded Happay in 2012 with Varun Rathi.

He is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Kharagpur in 2010. Post engineering, he grabbed the most coveted job at Microsoft Research Lab. He spent around two wonderful years at MSR, filing two patents and publishing four papers in International Journals. However, this did not appease his hunger for learning, creating value and making that significant impact in the society. So he decided to quit his job to start Happay.

Anshul loves coding. He can code for days continuously, and likes to make things work. When he is not coding, he can be found reading about entrepreneurs, listening to music, or explaining his new found discoveries to others. He also loves traveling and visiting new places with different cultures.

Varun Rathi:

Varun Rathi, Co-founder and COO of Happay, responsible for Sales, Marketing and Operations. In simple terms, Varun sells what Anshul builds.

He comes from a business family and hence believes that starting a business is his birthright, which in modern terms is called ‘entrepreneurship’. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2010. After graduation, Varun joined the TATA’s, which he thought was ‘too’ comfortable. He was always passionate about technology and loves to use it make lives easier.

He is obsessed about creating awesome user experiences and makes sure nothing is ever compromised on that front. He is proud of his business skills being from a business background. He is using them with full gusto to make Happay the most preferred mode of payment for companies.

Company Profile:

‘Making digital payments a happy experience’ is the mantra for the FinTech startup ‘HAPPAY’ started by IIT-Kharagpur alumni, Varun Rathi and Anshul Rai in 2012.

Happay was founded on the premise of offering a totally automated business spends management solution to SMEs. What started as a B2C evolved into a B2B platform providing a single centralized platform optimizing reimbursement cycles.

From time immemorial, the workflow of the business spends has been sluggish, broken & inefficient across companies resulting in a delay of operations and disheartened employees. Happay forayed into the FinTech space to change the landscape with a first-of-its-kind business spends management solution which takes care of every kind of business spends i.e. i) Employee adhoc expenses (T&E)
ii) Vendor Payments iii) Operational Expenses iv) Salary disbursements.

The foremost issues with the age-old spend management process entailed:
Business Spends were made in cash
Productive time spent by employees in creating expense reports, manually
Reconciliation processes involved manual inspection of all receipts & spreadsheets
Management  was clueless about expenses being incurred and were unable to wield control over the same
Absence of a single uniform product to suit every industry/size of business
Absence of an end-to-end payment integration.

Some of the notable awards include:

Name of the award
Winner of IAMAI Digital Awards for the Best Prepaid Card (2016)
January 2016
Winner of Nasscom’s Top 10 hottest start-ups
October 2015
Recognised by NDTV as one of the top 5 startups to  watch out for


“Happay has made life really easy. Petty cash funds don’t need to be kept in a safe. They can be added to Happay cards as and when required. The employee spends with the Happay cards, takes a picture of the bill and uploads it.”                                                                                                                
Raghav Verma, Cofounder, Chaayos

“Happay has provided legitimacy to the transactions in the books. It has also helped our company to get in the practice of collecting bills and maintaining them”.
Ajay Nemani, Founder, Sherwoods.