Industrial Visit to Vibrant Gujarat, Ahmedabad

9th January, 2017 to 13th January, 2017

Industrial Visit to Vibrant Gujarat, Ahmedabad

The students of MBA 4th semester of RNB Global University visited Vibrant Gujarat 2017 Global Trade Show, which was held from 9th of January, 2017 to 13thof January, 2017 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India was the Chief Guest of this international event. He was accompanied by the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Maharashtra along with business tycoons like Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, to name a few.

This Global summit covered more than 25 industries under one umbrella with rapidly growing industries like Agro and food processing, Automobiles, Gems and Jewellery, Oil and Gas and Tourism etc.

This show provided a single platform for the students to experience such a massive gathering of the corporate world. It was of great learning to them as they got to interact with various people from different industries and different companies with diversified profile; visit number of stalls to get an insight into the company of each exhibitor regarding the products and services displayed by them. With so many industries, each one got opportunities to explore industries of their own choice and finding out job opportunities in the same.

They also collected many business cards from executives of different companies who showed interest and encouraged the students to contact them. The students also got an opportunity to meet international companies and their representatives where they interacted with foreign executives regarding their respective products/ services, way of conducting business, markets abroad and career opportunities with them.

They also observed keenly how well such a mammoth event was organized and managed albeit with continuous inflow of visitor samounting to a huge gathering in one place, all amidst high security.
The industrial visit was a learning experience coupled with leisure activities as they enjoyed sightseeing in a wonderful city of Gujrat; Ahmedabad. Memories were captured in colorful photographs of all prominent places and people.

The students returned with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal about their upcoming career which also made them believe in dreaming big after seeing so many opportunities in job market.