HCL Foundation with WASHi & Madurai Corporation to make Madurai an open defecation free city

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An initiative to promote Mission Clean Madurai under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’

·         Families in Madurai will be provided with toilets and made aware of the need to stop defecating in open.
·         The beneficiaries will be made aware of key hygiene behaviors such as hand-washing and adopt that in their day-to-day life.
·         The modular toilet concept will be adopted by the Madurai Corporation and scaled up to other areas.
·         HCL Foundation is handing over 50 toilets constructed in 4 wards. The second phase is in the pipeline with 50 more toilets to be constructed in 3 additional wards namely 56, 58, 60.

HCL Foundation, WASHi and Madurai Corporation, entered into Memorandum of Understanding to jointly implement the provision of Individual House-hold Toilets (IHHLs) under Public-Private-Partnership mode in Madurai. The program was organized to mark the official dedication and handing over of the toilets to the beneficiaries in 4 wards at Vandiyur Bus-stand in Madurai on 6th January.

With the support of HCL Foundation, the project is planned to provide an integrated solution to Sanitation and Hygiene problems in Madurai City under ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. The project uses community led ‘Total Sanitation’ approach wherein behavioural change is the key aspect. WASH Institute will also work in coordination with Madurai Corporation to create awareness among the target communities for household sanitation and to facilitate the families to construct and use sanitary household toilet, thereby creating an open defecation-free Madurai.

As part of the initiative, HCL volunteers in Madurai will also kick start the “Maasilla Madurai Campaign” (Mission Clean Madurai) on the occasion. The campaign will comprise a series of activities, seminars, workshops, street theatre, talks, and other programmes to empower the community to achieve the mission.

The Madurai City Municipal Corporation consists of 100 wards.  Households lack access to household toilet and defecate in open. In the current financial year, the Madurai Corporation has a target to construct 4,382 Individual House-Hold Latrines (IHHLs).

HCL Foundation with WASHi & Madurai Corporation to make Madurai an open defecation free city

HCL Foundation with WASHi & Madurai Corporation to make Madurai an open defecation free city

HCL Foundation with WASHi & Madurai Corporation to make Madurai an open defecation free city

HCL Foundation with WASHi & Madurai Corporation to make Madurai an open defecation free city

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Institute in Kodaikanal, established during the year 2008, is a registered non-profit Technical, training, research and development organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to a wide range of water, sanitation, hygiene and environmental issues across South Asia particularly India. WASH Institute also has its branch offices at Patna, Bihar, Dindigul, Tamilandu and New Delhi.

HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2011 as the CSR arm of HCL Technologies. It is a gold standard not for profit organization, that matches the national and international development standards and brings about lasting positive impact in the lives of people, through long term sustainable programs, implemented in full engagement with HCL’s own employees. Our GOLD STANDARDS are Credibility, Transparency, Accountability, Outreach to the Unreached, Sustainability & Up scalability.

Spread across internationally, HCL Foundation works in rural and urban areas towards poverty alleviation through long term investments in holistic education, employability, environment, health, water, sanitation and hygiene, disaster preparedness as well as response. Gender transformative and inclusive approaches form the backbone of the overall program strategy. There is a heavy focus on young people as they form majority of the world’s population. Having said that, HCL Foundation does not limit its interventions to this age group alone. Rather, works through a concentric community integrated development approach (CCID).

Whereas its rural interventions in India are led by NGOs doing path breaking work on rural development, identified through a democratic and robust process via HCL Grant and through its flagship direct project in Uttar Pradesh called Samuday, employee engagement is central to the HCL Foundation’s urban development. These projects essentially contribute to Nation Building and the Global Sustainable Development Goals. 
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