Going beyond co-working Incuspaze Co-working and Incubation Centre is coming to Gurgaon

24 January 2017: The global movement of incubation has arrived in Gurgaon through Incuspaze, a co-working space built with the purpose of providing a roof full of mentoring and support to budding entrepreneurs and startup founders. It is opening on 28th January 2017.

Going beyond co-working Incuspaze Co-working and Incubation Centre is coming to Gurgaon

Necessity is the mother of "innovation" and now gradually, this is becoming a trend. Big data and analytics, internet of things and artificial intelligence are the next generation of hot growth areas for businesses across all industries. Co-working is the perfect way nurture their creative innovations and, in turn, economic development for the entire community.

Founder of Incuspaze, Sanjay Choudhary, announced the Gurgaon co-working space to be across 6000 sq. ft of co-working space designed keeping in mind what it stands for – a space for growth. This creatively designed office cum incubation center, conveniently located opp. Cyber Hub will begin its formal operations effective from 28th January.

Incuspaze is coming to the market with a whole new approach in delivering incubation center to the startups especially the ones in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, data science, big data community.  Incuspaze aims to bring the best tech minds under one roof. As Sanjay puts it, “We are building a global self-sustainable ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs.” With flexible lease options, state of the art facilities and location, the startup community has much to look forward to in Gurgaon. Until now, Gurgaon has lacked this type of space. Incuspaze is delighted to begin its journey of supporting these minds in Gurgaon/North India.

It has put together the incubation center concept as an amazing office program. While it is still a co-working space, it is offering a number of services in a seamless combination with learning, connecting and collaborating. It specially focuses on overcoming the barriers to success for startups through the Incuspaze ecosystem. The ecosystem comprising of Investor Connect, Mentor Connect and Services Connect bridges the gap of information and access to resources. Startups under the Incuspaze Incubation Program will be able to accelerate product/service development by implementing lean startup methodologies and through calculated risk-taking. They shall also have access to global and local investors.

Incuspaze appeals to those looking for an awesome office space, the space which can be used for networking, collaborations, financing and support. It is a space where a community of congenial freelancers, software developers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, startups, will come together to develop together. Talking about startups in other domains like Ed-Tech, Clean-Tech, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, Sanjay said that these startups can leverage the best minds that will sit out of Incuspaze. Collaborating with startups to improve the technology in your product by use of AI/IoT could give you a competitive advantage. Currently, Incuspaze has incubated 4 startups and invested in 8. They launched their first centre in Lucknow and second in Indore.

Be it because of lack of exposure and experience, a need for effective human resources or even an office space, Incuspaze is here as the one stop solution for all startup needs.

Sanjay Choudhary
An Entrepreneur and a growth consultant, Sanjay Choudhary has been residing in the UK for the last decade, working with Global Start-ups as their Mentor Angel investor and mentor
In his current profile, Sanjay is rapidly changing the face of private investing. Sanjay’s investment model and approach emphasizes investing in a way where he attempts to change solitary high-risk ventures into a collective effort. Although hardly a new concept, it is Sanjay’s handling of the investing model that is helping to break the mold of traditional private investing. He is someone who in addition to capital, is willing to offer space, time, and freedom for a startup to build on their vision.
Sanjay understands key marketing emerging trends and invests in start-ups in his efforts to nurture the eco-system. He has been associated as the chief evangelist of Incuspaze whose vision is to create a stable ecosystem for start-ups in India.

Understanding your organizational goals and developing plans to make them come to life is a key step to providing you solutions. Sanjay has a knack to understand organizations better than you do, and with his broad expertise he can find the right approach to every situation. His expertise in Start-up investments, Valuation models and Company assessment enables him to take a disciplined approach based on fundamentals. He has successfully led the identification and development of segment-specific investing that helped his Clients become a leader in their respective niche.
He co-founded Crowdinvest, which is a globally trusted marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs.
His investment portfolio includes organizations from varied domains – Artificial Intelligence Startups to Media and B2C startups. On the other hand, he has also aggregated small training institutes to strengthen their overall brand positioning against large institutes and enabled them to provide quality education at affordable prices. Further in the educational sector, Sanjay has helped a group of educators to digitize and deliver online courses through a platform called Edmingle. He has helped Edmingle with substantial growth through mentoring & investment.

Sanjay has been instrumental in founding and investing in a media startup, by the name of Publishing Start-up, which targets universities and colleges across India; educating the students early on about real life case studies so they can learn from the successes and missteps of other startups.
Recently, he has invested in a B2C startup called Wishbells, a Company which strives to help busy professionals celebrate special occasions by providing them the resources to share their successes with their loved ones – with a few clicks.

His prowess in fields like Fundraising and Sales strategies, solution selling and his competence in studying and understanding buyer personas and user journeys provides marketing direction to create awareness of the organization and position them for growth. Sanjay’s keen sense of judgement has transformed the business model for firms by dramatically reducing overheads and improve overall satisfaction, while meeting the Clients’ needs.

Before an organization starts meeting with potential investors, a great first step is to find industry mentors - both on the operational and investing side, who can serve as “honest brokers” for you throughout your fundraising process. Sanjay is blessed with exceptional mentoring skills and he has coached senior management of organizations on more effective processes, thus steering critical initiatives that drive superior performance. His forward-looking approach and a solid corporate strategy appropriately anticipates risk, uncertainty and optionality. He uses rigorous fact-based analysis and prides himself on helping his clients create pragmatic and actionable strategic plans that are focused on bottom-line results.

Sanjay firmly believes that when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility, organizations must embed sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture. And he collaborates with organizations to do just that. He identifies opportunities and develops robust business cases to make sustainability a source of on-going and increasing value.

His sustainability strategies include prioritizing issues to perform a detailed assessment of the key stakeholders and competitors to defining ambitions, innovating business models and embed change.
With an extensive sales & marketing leadership experience, Sanjay has worked in the past with organizations to achieve objectives consistent with their strategic growth plan. He has helped companies achieve multimillion-pound revenue growth. His clients adore the discipline he brings to their organization, which enables them to execute with excellence. Through his experience in various global sales leadership roles, he has implemented innovation and sales excellence which has effectively delivered organizational objectives.

People talk about marketing, but knowing where to start and what to do can be an entirely a different ball game. In his sales and marketing roles, Sanjay Choudhary led organizations to effective marketing success to achieve strategic goals. Sanjay has helped and mentored several start-ups and mid-sized organizations achieve sustained, profitable growth.

As an organization, aligning yourself with an angel investor like Sanjay Choudhary who shares your vision is a great foundation for a successful partnership. Sanjay brings data-driven analysis, practical insights and proven methodologies to each of his associations, along with deep expertise in sustainability issues in industries ranging from Technology, Media and Marketing to Growth Positioning and Resource alignment and Financial Modelling.

Leading a diverse portfolio of my own business, invested in some extremely bright ideas in the education space, teaching entrepreneurship at a university and helping students to incubate their ideas.