Fuzzy Logix Announces Availability of DB Lytix™ for Cloudera Enterprise 5


·         The Fuzzy Logix high performance data analytics product, DB Lytix™, is available for Cloudera Enterprise 5

·         Several Fortune 500 customers are testing the solution, both on-premise and in the cloud

Bengaluru, 19th January, 2017  - Fuzzy Logix today announced availability of its advanced analytics suite DB Lytix™ on Cloudera Enterprise 5. DB Lytix software enables analysts and data scientists to perform predictive and advanced statistical analysis on Cloudera using fast, fully supported and scalable analytics running natively on the cluster.

Fuzzy Logix Announces Availability of DB Lytix™ for Cloudera Enterprise 5

DB Lytix for Cloudera can help major health insurers predict the onset of chronic illness across their tens of millions of subscribers. It can empower large retailers to optimize a supply chain across thousands of stores in multiple countries, with tens of thousands of products, taking into account factors such as local weather patterns and differences in demographics at each of its stores. The huge data volumes generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be effectively handled for large-scale applications in transportation, health, manufacturing, agriculture, and utility industries.

Big Data analytics problems are growing exponentially in scale and complexity. These problems far outstrip the capabilities of legacy hardware platforms and traditional analytics tools. Fuzzy Logix’ analytics solutions combine the next generation of advanced analytics software with the latest data storage platforms which can store massive amounts of data. These solutions provide accurate, parallelized, scalable and fast analytics that run where the data resides.

As data becomes massive and results are needed quickly, organizations cannot afford to move data to separate analytics servers. This data movement wastes time, diminishes data security, and fails to leverage the speed of the powerful servers that store the data. The Fuzzy Logix approach enables analytics to run where the data resides, whether that be in traditional database nodes or Hadoop clusters. This is called “in-database” or “in-Hadoop” analytics.

In real world deployments, DB Lytix is 10 to 100 times faster than conventional methods, and highly cost effective because there is no need for additional hardware.  A further benefit of the DB Lytix approach is that all advanced analytics are executed on the entire database rather than on a sample.

 “Fuzzy Logix uses the parallel processing capabilities and scale of Cloudera Enterprise to handle our customers’ complex analytics problems. Our customers can now leverage the broad analytics capabilities of Fuzzy Logix on all their data,” said Tom Pinckney, Head of Business Development at Cloudera.

Fuzzy Logix, Chief Marketing Officer, Aashu Virmani said, “We clearly see customer interest in running high-performance analytics on the Cloudera platform. Already, we have several large customers evaluating this joint solution for business-critical problems. This product is the result of close cooperation between Cloudera and Fuzzy Logix engineering teams to produce a tightly integrated and high quality solution.”

Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix is available and fully supported on Cloudera Enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud. Professional services are available from a joint Fuzzy Logix and Cloudera team. Contact Fuzzy Logix directly for more information.

About Fuzzy Logix: 

We accelerate analytics. We are a growing team of data scientists, engineers and marketers that live to discover interesting patterns in super large data sets in record time, and with a purpose: to make this science available to any business function within an organization, in an easy to apply manner. We are all about making analytics on big data pervasive, real time, and approachable. Visit us at www.fuzzylogix.com