Exclusive quotes from Rishi Kapoor's interview with Rajeev Masand- CNN-News18

·         Q. What come through in the book clearly & repeatedly is that you take great pride in the work you’ve done. You are very committed to the job you’re done & very willing to share your success with your colleagues. 

Rishi Kapoor, Actor: It’s honestly team work & I’m a very committed sincere worker. I’ve enjoyed working & God has given me a job & pays me for it.

·         Q. You know what also comes through is genuine hurt when that generosity and that grace is not extended by others, you know example being Amitabh Bachchan who you’ve said that

Rishi Kapoor, Actor: I hope people don’t miscues doing this. Someone asked me what do you feel about Amitabh Bachchan? I said Amitabh Bachchan is the greatest actor that we had. The very fact that his image, his acting and he is such a great actor that if we all ran a 100 metre race, there was always a 50 meter handicapped to Amitabh Bachchan because he always does the roll which fit in for him. You know everything pre the writers, the directors had praised him. You live in a paradise and you know there is no better role than Amitabh Bachchan. So I said, all of our actors during our time in the 70s worked in the films ignoring that he had a better role. So I guess we have also been those small runs in his ladder of success where he went because you see in a generation before us all the actors Shammi kapoor, dharmendra no dharmji sorry, ashok kumar, dilip kumar, raj kapoor, dev anand all of them had to beat each other to have success or current generation like these khan’s or akshay or ajay … they are not working together but Amit ji being such a powerful actor and popular actor we always worked with him because that was I guess the way films are being made so in that reference I mentioned that.

·         Q. Do you feel like this book brings you closer to the people which mean a lot to you? Was it eye-opening? Did it lead to some discovery?

Rishi Kapoor, Actor: I don’t think I had this in mind when I was writing this book to you know create a better relationship with my family .I am quite happy the way it is and it is not anything except that I think I need to work a little harder on my association with my son.

·         Q. Talking about that you’ve you know in fact Neetu says it well that your relationship with ranbir almost mirrors the relationship that you had with your father Raj Kapoor. Ranbir says that he would like to be a different kind of parent. In the book says that he would like to have a slightly closer relationship with his son. Is that one of life’s regrets?

Rishi Kapoor, Actor: Aisa hai ki jab when the impression for the years of Ranbir when you’re young,I was mostly busy and out of town or not in town. My children would be more close to the mother, At the very onset we decided who’s gonna be the home maker and who’s gonna be the bread maker.So obviously I was the bread winner so I had to be working and this is the same case that happened with me and my father.I think when you’re over committed,over busy with you tend to be a little away from the family and that is one kind of a sacrifice any actor’s family has to give.Perhaps not talk because now Ranbir works at time when he’s got only one film at a time. We use to work in several films,we use to work in double shifts so that actually kept us away.I hope Ranbir is alright. i hope he is living the life the way he wants to live,he would like to live with his kids but I was in a condition in my mind I was I always to have a relationship with my son ofcourse I do love him greatly but …The very fact that I cannot be a friend to a son and I can’t be you know stabbing on his back and say aur kya haal hein and what’s happening with the chicks? what you doin? Ek tarah ki ya ek pardah hohna chaheyeh you know some kind of distance is maintained, he’s my father I’m his son you know that and I feel that

·         Today’s actors are much more confident than we were at time.
·         Now film making is become very competitive
·         When it comes to acting, you need to alert and you need to be focused
·         Whatever I have done, I have never done because of fear or favour
·         Naming national assets just after one family, I don’t think it’s good idea
·         There are eminent citizens in our country who contributed for our India, we should name after them as well
·         Name national assets after who served India all their lives
·         Everybody has right to share and express their opinion
·         I might name my child Cadbury Chocolate if I want, you mind your business
·         other or didn’t say hello to each other and we use to communicate with the dance masters assistance or the cameraman’.
·         ‘Shammi Kapoor being our very favourite uncle also ,first of all he use to come late, to make an entry’
·         ‘If he (Shammi Kapoor) is trying to impress somebody and that other person would not give him enough lift, he would go and smash the glass and you know he use to have his hand bleeding and all the women used to come running. Then he want to go put his hand in the electric meter just to gain sympathy, just to attract attention’.