Cornitos Loaded Nachos from Cornitos (Christmas Special Recipe)

Festival Special recipe- Cornitos Loaded Nachos

Cornitos Loaded Nachos from Cornitos (Christmas Special Recipe)

Christmas Special Recipe from Cornitos - Cornitos Loaded Nachos to make the occasion  more special for you and your family

Cornitos Loaded Nachos

Preparation time – 20 minutes  

Serving – 1 Platter

Ingredients – Cornitos Sizzlin Jalapeno Nacho Crisps – 150 g Pack, Cornitos Refried beans - 200 g, Avocado cubes - 50 g, Lettuce - 100 g, Tomatoes deseeded & diced - 50 g, Mint Leaves – 10 g, Grated Cheddar Cheese - 150 g, Sliced Jalapeno – 50 g, Sliced Black Olives – 50 g, Diced Red Bell Pepper – 50 g, Sour Cream - 20 g, Garlic cloves - 2 finely chopped, Cumin seeds - 10 g, Chili powder – 10g, Pepper – 10g, Onion – 50 g finely chopped, Smoked Paprika  -10 g and Salt to taste

Preparing Nacho Platter –

Heat some oil in flat pan and sauté chopped Veggies adding seasoning to it.
Arrange Lettuce leaves on platter base, then placing Cornitos Sizzlin Jalapeno Nacho Crisps evenly over it in form of single layer
Top the Nachos layer with Cornitos Refried Beans and chopped veggies.
Repeat the same layering procedure on top of first layer till a four to five layer Nacho Crisps pyramid is created.  Season it well.
Add a layer of Grated cheddar Cheese on top.
Place the platter in a preheated oven till cheese melts.
 Garnish with dollop of sour cream and mint and serve along with variety of Dips.