Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

India's favourite fruit gum brand is back with a new irresistible story

Perfetti Van Melle India’s leading gum brand has launched a new campaign for its popular gum brand Center fruit. Center fruit has always been loved by consumers for its great taste and enjoyable campaigns, with its well-recognized tagline of ‘Kaisi Jeebh laplapayi’.

Carrying forward this evergreen proposition, the newest ad for Center Fruit from O&M Mumbai, is a story with a twist that unfolds in a thick jungle. Its quirky plot coupled with an insightful product device of tongue wagging, presents an enjoyable story of using the Center fruit irresistibility in a humorous way.
Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Center Fruit Joins Forest Rangers for the day

Presenting a fun take on apprehending hidden robbers, the commercial opens with a search party of forest rangers under fire from hidden robbers. The search party takes cover and starts a counter operation to catch the robbers. The drill turns the dismal scenario on its head by way of forest rangers using Center Fruit to locate hidden robbers. As a Center Fruit banner is unfurled, the robbers can’t stop themselves from wagging their tongues at it. A young sharpshooter, guided only by the sound of their laplap, starts firing darts towards robbers, aiming right each time, capturing them all one by one. The commercial highlights that Center fruit is so irresistible that even the robbers in this situation are unable to hide their craving, and come out of hiding wagging their tongues.

“The beauty of the idea lies in the forest ranger’s aim proving right each time, despite not being able to see the robbers in the thick forest, and only following them through the sound of their LapLap. Hence proving, how irresistible Center Fruit can be, and how hilariously effective it is in bringing down the robbers.” quips Anurag Agnihotri, Executive Creative Director, O&M, Mumbai.

Commenting on the new campaign, Arun Sharma, Associate Category Director - Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India says "Based our work with consumers we felt that it was time to refresh the way we portray the role of brand, without changing the popular brand signature of tongue wagging and popular tagline. Through this film we have tried to bring in newness to the story and we are sure consumers will find it endearing ".

About Center fruit

Launched in 2006, Center Fruit is the country’s first fruit-flavoured, liquid-filled gum and comes in a variety of flavours including Fruits, Strawberry, Watermelon , Maharaja Mango and long lasting flavours of Strawberry Mix and Grape. Positioned as a fun, lip-smacking chewing gum, Center Fruit has a number of memorable campaigns with tongues wagging, thereby strongly establishing the brand in consumers’ minds.
Center Fruit has been communicating its irresistible taste through its iconic tagline ‘Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayi’.

Perfetti Van Melle, India: 
Rohit Kapoor – Director-Marketing
Arun Sharma – Associate Category Director, Marketing
Samrat Ghosh –Senior Brand Manager

Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd.

Anurag Agnihotri: Executive Creative Director
Shahrukh Irani: Group Creative Director
Nasrullah Husami: Creative Director

Account Management:
Saksham Kohli: Management Supervisor
Ankita Singh: Group Account Manager

Production House: 
Soda Films

Rajesh Krishnan: Director
Ameya Dahibavkar: Producer