Celebrating Fashion of winter weddings with designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay fashion studio

Celebrating fashion of WINTER WEDDINGS with Designers Ajay Sinha &  Buzy from BUZJAY FASHION STUDIO Looking chic while you remain warm in winters can get difficult, crucial and tricky. You are not fascinated with the thought of wrapping around layers of warm clothes to keep you warm as that’s a big style blunder. At the same time you wish to flaunt the best in style and be cynosure in a winter wedding. Designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion Studio are all set to pull you out from this dilemma as they have some innovative trends, tricks and tips to share with you to make you look glamorous and hot for a winter wedding.

Ajay Sinha & Buzy with Modals-
 Ajay Sinha & Buzy with Modals-

buzy, ajay sinha and tara viva
buzy, ajay sinha and tara viva

- This winter fashion is all about stylish manifestation, bright shades, peach, pink, pale blue, rose ink mint, peach and orange.

- Layering your beautiful dress with sweaters or coats is not a smart choice so team up your stunning ensembles with beautiful jackets in silk and velvet with warm padding, jackets in vivid Colours with subtle or heavy embellishment matching with colour of your dress will make a goodchoice.

- If you are contemplating wearing western attire than you could go for printed jackets or jackets that are studded with stones and Swarovski.

- You can go for thermal wear, legging and camisole beneath your dress if you are wearing saari or lehanga.

- You can wear ethnic wear such as saari, anarkali but make sure you wear full sleeves, you can go for beautifully embroidered sleeves and necks. Blouse in velvet or warm fabric with embellishment will keep you fashionably ahead and warm. Cholis look very ethnic and stunning as they keep you warm too. Another good choice for you would be to go for waist length jackets in place of usual blouse.

- You can opt for same colour or go for colour contrast, fancy and stylish jacket with elaborate or subtle detailing. Pair it with Indian wear and pin a lovely broach to your jacket to tie your ensemble.

- Even black formal blazer with some detailing will look great.

- If you like the look of trench coat, go for one in brocade, silk or velvet , wear it over your pant, long skirt or saaree. Pakistani long shirts with different kinds of bottoms also look very classy and elegant. Selecting fabric according to weather is very important, fabrics like velvet, raw silk, silk with warm padding will make you look royal while keeping you warm.

- Go for cape ensembles: Jackets long or small and cape are most recent trends and winter is the best time to wear capes with saaris, lehangas or anaarkali suits.

- Go for shawls : You can use shawls with fabric of kanjeevaram silk dupatta or velvet studded with kundan and swaroski.