Budget expectation quote on the logistics industry: 4TiGO- The Truck Network

India 30 January 2017: Mr. Anjani Mandal, CEO and Co-founder, 4TiGO- The Truck Network, expects there to be a great many changes that will affect the road logistics industry. 4TiGO is a road logistics start-up based in Bangalore with reach in multiple cities across India. Here are the views

"The coming budget to be a logistics sector friendly budget, in terms of allocation of funds for infrastructure creation, tax benefits for technology introduction and incentives for cashless transactions in the road transportation industry.

In the area of infrastructure, a few things that are required are- (a) Allocation of funds for creating integrated-check-posts infrastructure with simultaneous checks by all departments at a single point for minimizing on-route delays (b) green-channel at all highway check-posts for all consignor / consignee validated consignments (c) development of highway-side infrastructure through oil companies (d) allocation of land & set-up of base infrastructure for transport hubs and warehouse hubs at strategic locations.

Cashless transaction will see a major push with the development of payment-infrastructure at tolls and fuel retail outlets through banks. Additionally, the creation of incentives and additional benefits for cashless transactions will prove to be beneficial.

Furthermore, simplification of service tax rules for road transportation - possibly through the uniform application of service tax on all road transportation services - would facilitate the organizing of the unorganized and fragmented logistics sector."