Bigo Live brings greater fan experiences with International Live Events

January 30th, 2017, MUMBAI – BIGO LIVE is continually growing and one of its recent endeavours is to bring greater fan experiences for its audience with live events. BIGO LIVE has been actively supporting and promoting live events in many countries, serving not only as an international live-streaming platform but also as a portal to experience live events like you were there yourself.

BIGO LIVE has been a key partner for a growing number of live events and activities like the EDM Ravolution Music Festival in Vietnam which has attracted over 900k fans all over the years. In December last year, BIGO LIVE had the honor of being the exclusive streaming partner of Ravolution which saw acts like international EDM DJ, Alan Walker, K&HMR, R3HAB and also famous Vietnamese celebrity, Ho Hgoc Ha. Part of the activities that BIGO LIVE streamed were face-to-face interviews with international DJ Alan Walker as well as other artists and event participants.

In Singapore, BIGO LIVE’s LIVE HOUSE organized a non-profit outreach to a local nursing home to shower the elders with love and fun before the upcoming Lunar New Year. Under the lead of Jean, the program director, BIGO LIVE’s LIVE HOUSE team invited a number of broadcasters, Amos, Freddy, Lala, Kylie and Samantha, to bring along care packages containing daily necessities and light snacks to the elders. Later on during the visit, the team put up a heart-warming talent performance at the nursing home, and spent an entertaining afternoon chatting with the elders. The whole event was broadcasted on the LIVE HOUSE channel, and it brought a whole lot of joy to the community, reminding the elders that they are not yet forgotten by society.

In Thailand, BIGO LIVE even created a program called BIGO STAR, in which famous Thai celebrities will be interviewed by the Chinese host Win Liao Bin and Thai comedian NES Natsantiz Kittikwangton. Last month, BIGO STAR interviewed the popular Thai comedian Nick Kunatip Pinpradab and his actor friend, Niew Kittipat Samarntragulchai. Many fans showed up in this event and those who didn’t have the chance to attend could still interact with them on BIGO LIVE as the whole event was broadcasted on their platform as well. During the whole broadcast on BIGO LIVE that night, there were users from over 50 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, and etc, that witnessed and joined the gathering.

BIGO LIVE has also announced its expansion into Taiwan with its press conference last month that introduced the live-streaming platform to everyone. During the press conference, BIGO LIVE Vice President He Hong Jie went on to give a great speech to fire up the occasion. There were also BIGO LIVE streamers from Taiwan that shared their live streaming experiences and enjoyment on BIGO. Moreover, cosplayers were also holding their own streams to further celebrate the formal event and inviting everyone in the world to join.

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Having held and joined many trending events around the globe, BIGO LIVE has really outshined many other companies in the live streaming industry. Unrestricted to regions, BIGO LIVE enables iOS and Android users to broadcast themselves and capture audiences to share their life spontaneously via live stream with everyone around the world.

About BIGO 

Founded in March 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, BIGO LIVE is a mobile Internet company focused on live streaming technology and platform services, and is committed to building a leading global community video broadcast platform. BIGO LIVE user interface is simple, a large number of users in Thailand on the line a month later won the Thailand App Store and Google Play social class list first. On-line only 10 months, the global membership of users exceeded 60 million, is the fastest growing live platform.