Best Gaming companies in India

Best Gaming companies in International Games development markets (India)

Here we will give you a list of top and best 10 Indian games companies in international games development markets

Today Indian gaming companies are competing with many leading global games developers. India neck to neck with other countries in digital gaming and gaming technology. Many Gaming companies are entering the market as there is a rise in demand in both technology and games. Here is the list of the indian gaming comapnies.

  1. Zebu Games
  2. 19Studios
  3. Rolocule
  4. Games2win
  5. Axis Entertainment Limited
  6. 99Games
  7. Juego Studios
  8. CreatioSoft
  9. GameEon Infotech
  10.  Dhruva Interactive

Zebu Games

Zebu Games is one of the best games startups in India, The initial investment for Zebu Games was six lakhs. Homebound and Wordmint are the best and wellknown popular mobile games in their portfolio. The reason beind Zebu Games geting in to the mobile game development is that they realized how fast growing the mobile gaming industry is. Zebu Games are looking to develop games in different regional languages and monetize the games from in-game advertisement.


19Studios is privately held, government registered software development organization based in India with a global customer footprint. This Gaming companies is Headquartered in Delhi NCR. 19Studios This gaming comapnies has been developing designing, delivering digital games for mobile platforms for years. 19Studios is an expert in game development and have a huge portfolio of games developed by them


Rolocule one of the best and famous Indian games development companies. Rolocule was founded by Rohit Gupta Rohit returned to India from United States to start Rolocule company. He has to borrow  USD 2,000 (Rs. 1 Lakh) from his father to start this gaming company which he invested on an iPhone & an iMac so and make his dream of games development business come true. Rolocule was started from a small apartment in 2010. Rolocule is now backed by India's leading investors including Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels and CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad. Rolocule has consistently delivered multiple international award-winning top quality games, played & loved by millions of consumers in 110+ countries


Games2win it is the best and popular Indian games development companies, Games2win is based in Mumbai and Have a global footprint. Games2win is prominent in making casual mobile games. In total the games developed by Games to win have already got 70 million downloads across iTunes, Windows, Kindle and Android platforms. Games2win also has a office in San Francisco.

Axis Entertainment Limited

Axis Entertainment Limited came to be known for its Sara’s Cooking Series of games which are targeted towards woman who love cooking. The vision and mission of this company is to create not just games but brands on an international levels. Their most famous game Sara’s Cooking Series of games has more than 125 recipes which helps female gamers to prepare the recipes in a fun way.


Another mobile games development studio which has made a prominent mark on the global map of digital gaming is 99Games. 99Games is founded by rohit bhat a Udupi based Robosoft Technologies in 1996. This Gaming platform mostly makes games for the iOS platform. It has developed over 15 game title till date. Star Chef, Dhoom 3 and SpellUp are some of the amazing games deveop by 99Games. Many games developed by 99 games have won awards.

Juego Studios

Juego Studios is one of the best game design and development companies based in Bangalore. Juego is known to develop visually appealing and high quality games. They excel in developing games for various platforms like social media, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows Phone. This comapny was founded by Suman Balakrishna. Juego Studios also have their offices in India, Miami, United States, London, United Kingdom. They have developed games from 11 different countries.


CreatioSoft was started back in  2012 in Noida Delhi NCR, It is one of the fastest growing games development companies in India. It is known to develop user-friendly, interactive games for entertainment. It excel in developing games for paltform like Android, iOS, iPad and Windows Phone. It publishes games and app in various niches such as publishing, online shopping, entertainment, marketing, and technology.

GameEon Infotech

GameEon is an Indian Game developer company based in Mumbai, India. It is one of India's upcoming game developer and publisher. Nikhil Malankar and Prasad Kajarekar cofounded GameEon Infotech in 2011. GameEon Infotech is one of the fastest growing in games design and development. GameEon develop games based on
original concepts which are fun,innovate and provide a whole lot of entertainment. Till date they have develop and distributed more than 60 games via several partners across the globe.

Dhruva Interactive

Another leading game development companies in India is Dhruva Interactive which is based in Bangalore. Dhruva Interactive was Founded by Rajesh Rao.Dhruva Interactive is known for delivering high-end gaming solutions to large gaming companies. This company has worked on more than 100 projects across various platforms.