Bengaluru-based Xoxoday enters US

Offbeat Experiences & Activities for the World

Bengaluru 19th January 2017: Mahindra Group-backed Xoxoday, the newly-minted entity formed by the merger of the experiential gifting solutions firms Giftxoxo and Frogo, is in the process of going global. Announcing the move, the firm also said the unified entity will now let passionate professionals and venture owners to host an experience and guests can book an experience on the go! Large enterprises too can consume these experiences for employees and clients under a single brand.

Passionate professionals &venture owners can earn an extra mile hosting these experiences, and guests and enterprises can enjoy these experiences to create memories.

Some of the great hosted experiences are scuba diving, riding a harley, sericulture tours, owning a farmhouse for a day, dining under a helipad, riding a horse, cruising on a yacht and even milking a cow!

People in current world are bored and want to venture out to do something new, Xoxoday provides those options. These are experiences that a person remembers for a longer period. It would include experiences in India or abroad.

The Bengaluru-based firm, which had been operating for over four years, and will offer these and many more experiences in the Indian market as Xoxoday from now on. While Giftxoxo catered to the corporates, Frogo was set up to cater for self-consumption.

Now, pursuing a hobby too may be easier. You need not fret too much over the need to spend your precious time at the cost of your work or personal life to pursue your hobby. Xoxoday will ensure that it will take away much of your pain in pursuing some of the hobbies. It also ensures better bonding between individuals participating together in an activity.

Founded by four friends (Kushal Agrawal, Sumit Khandelwal, Abhishek Kumar and Manoj Agarwal), the firms had been growing steadily. It has been adding new experiences to its portfolio of offerings at a rapid pace.

The merged entity Xoxoday currently has over 700 enterprises, including Infosys, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Adobe, Google, Boston Consulting Group, HCL, World Bank, L&T etc. to name a few. It has served to over 200,000 guests last year through 5000 registered partners across the country.

Speaking at the announcement of the new move, Kushal Agarwal, Co-founder and Business Head, Xoxoday, said, “We are delighted to see a great acceptance for our products from our guests and hosts owing to our efforts towards enhancing customer satisfaction and impact.”

Xoxoday also helps enterprises to make their employee reward programs much more interesting. These experiences can bring excitement in their existing programs and employees would love this fresh outlook. The solutions are conceptualised using the best industry practices.

Adding to the role of technology Abhishek Kumar, Cofounder and Technology Head, Xoxoday, “Technology is the fulcrum of our business as it allows our partners to host their exciting experiences from across the country and the ease with which our users are able to have exciting moments in their life.”

Xoxoday has built a platform that enables hosting of your authentic experiences and makes them available for guests to explore and book on the go! Xoxoday has been able to build a community of 5000+ Hosts globally. They invite various brands, venture owners and passionate professionals to host their experiences and earn an extra Mile. It’s free to host an experience with Xoxoday!

Bengaluru-based Xoxoday enters US

Bengaluru-based Xoxoday enters US

Bengaluru-based Xoxoday enters US

Speaking about the product functionality Manoj Agarwal, Cofounder and Operations Head, Xoxoday, “Our customers were extremely happy the way our product and service worked, we have improvised on the product functionality to raise the benchmark and achieve client delight. We have served 200,000+ guests so far and are available on the web, Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (App Store). Xoxoday is a fresh approach to aggregate last mile experiences and activities across the globe and steer this new industry ahead.”

About Xoxoday 

Every city in this world is unique, with the people making them different. It’s the culture & the arts, the dance forms, the landscape, the rejuvenation styles, the work-life, the trade & the commerce, authentic food, modern outlook, agriculture, passionate people, the heritage sites, the adopted culture, the communities etc. that render them their uniqueness.

The true flavour of this uniqueness is carved out ‘By The People & For The People’. Experiences manifest and evolve when people drive this change.

​With Xoxoday(formerly known as Giftxoxo&Frogo), anyone as an individual or a venture owner can host an experience for guests (experience seekers) and help facilitate consumer search with the inclusion of unique offerings. If you’re an artist – you may host arts & craft experiences. If you’re a dancer – you may host dance forms. If you’re a city guide – you may host a landscape & countryside tour. If you’re a therapist – you may host rejuvenation experiences. If you’re a localite – you may host a walking tour of the city. If you’re a local cook – you may host an authentic meal. If you’ve a farmhouse or a hotel – you may host a modern outlook experience. If you’re a farmer – you may host an agri-tour experience. If you’re a passionate professional – you may host a coaching experience. If you’re a government body or its affiliated partner – you may host ticketing of heritage sites, museums, parks and more. If you’re influenced by a culture – you may host experiences of the adopted culture. If you’re a community – you may host meetups and more.