BASE students top in stage 1 of International Science Olympiads

 Bangalore, January 31, 2017: After securing top slots in various competitive examinations, BASE students have now proved their excellence in the National Standard Examination (stage 1 of International Science Olympiad) too by securing top ranks across verticals. The students have achieved the 1st rank in three subjects - Biology, Physics, Astronomy and the 2nd rank in Chemistry of the National Standards Examination Science Olympiads in the state. They have also secured 5 out of 35 ranks in Maths. Overall BASE has 27 qualifications for the 2nd round of Olympiads.

BASE students top in stage 1 of International Science Olympiads

Olympiads is a platform which helps to recognize the potential of young students in the Pure Science stream. The Olympiads programme follows 5 Stages: Stage 1 is called the national standard examinations (NSE), Stage 2 Indian National Olympiad (INO), Stage 3 orientation-cum-selection camp (OCSC), Stage 4 pre-departure training camp (PDT) and Stage 5 is participation in International Olympiad (IO). Each country sends a team of 4 to 6 students for IO in each subject.

The programme is financially supported by Government of India, in particular, by Board of Nuclear Sciences (Department of Atomic Energy), Department of Science and Technology, Department of Space and Ministry of Human Resource Development – and hence known as the official Olympiads programme.

Congratulating the students, Y K Jayaramappa, CEO, BASE said, “BASE has always encouraged students to strive towards academic success and this commendable feat has shown their passion to excel. We will continue to condition our students to explore their complete potential and move forward to succeed in academics.”

About BASE: BASE started functioning in the year 1991 from its present premises in Basavanagudi in Bangalore. It was started by Dr. H.S. Nagaraja with the intention of increasing the number of candidates from Karnataka gaining entrance into IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology) and All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS). From a modest strength of 6  teaching faculty and 3  students, BASE has now grown to include 300+ teaching faculty and multiple programmes for students from class 5 to 2nd PU/Class12. BASE results have consistently been better than all competitors since its inception both in terms of growth and an astounding share in the number of students from Karnataka gaining entrance into the IITs, NITs & AIIMS