pays music video tribute to boxing legend Muhammed Ali on his 75th birthday, the Alternative UK Fashion brand pays music video tribute to boxing legend Muhammed Ali on his 75th birthday

Some people are heard long after they have departed. Take the case of Muhammed Ali, the ultimate rebel. Not only did he redefine the sport of boxing, but also made the world sit up and take notice of the causes that stirred his conscience. With his strong anti-racism and anti-war views, he challenged conventional wisdom and stood defiant in the face of official reprisal. This heavyweight champion’s quips and taunts were as quick as his fists. Both inside and outside the ring, he was brash, unapologetic and full of attiitude. A star athlete and a showman, Muhammed Ali is regarded as one of the most important sports icons of the 20th Century. He gave the world some of the greatest moments in boxing history. And with his larger than life personality, became a true legend. salutes Muhammed Ali and is proud to present a music video in collaboration with the talented rapper Collin Terence and gold medalist boxer Charles. This is our tribute to “The Greatest”., the Alternative UK Fashion brand, is an alternative men's clothing and accessories brand. What began as an underground movement is now surfacing as a global fashion symbol, and already has a cult following. At the core of is raw energy, which resonates with the individual who believes in his uniqueness and refuses to be conditioned by the usual norms and expectations. is fronted with a worldwide shopping portal and is available world-wide with offices in London, Paris and Bangalore. Its product range features hoodies, jackets, joggers and tees for men, and accessories just as badass. But more than that, a mindset and a way of life that instinctively takes to alternative fashion.