Announcing Switchers by Undercover – the first Mix and Match Bra

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Mumbai, 25 January 2017: Everyone struggles a little with balancing that perfect outfit and a matching bra. Most of the time, each look calls for a different bra, which is expensive and painful to maintain. But no more! As we step into the New Year, it’s time to say goodbye to our fashion woes. Switchers by Undercover – an all-new innovation in the lingerie segment – is here to save the day.

The launch of Switchers by Undercover has brought to India an exclusive range of detachable, mix-and-match bras. You can completely take apart the bra by removing the Back portion and Shoulder Straps, then rebuild it with our fun, colourful Accessories to up the fashion quotient on your attire. They are stylish, quirky, fashionable, cute yet extremely comfortable and supportive. No more struggling or having second thoughts while picking out your favourite tube dress, off-shoulder, backless or racerback tops. Just pick from Switchers line of Shoulder Straps and Backs to perfect your look.

Announcing Switchers by Undercover – the first Mix and Match Bra

Announcing Switchers by Undercover – the first Mix and Match Bra

Announcing Switchers by Undercover – the first Mix and Match Bra

Announcing Switchers by Undercover – the first Mix and Match Bra

Monica Anand, Founder of Switchers (also creator of the lingerie brand “Undercover”) says, “It all began with a question. Why can't a comfortable, everyday bra also be high fashion and complement every occasion? Different days, or even different times of the day aren't the same. Why can't a bra keep up? Most outfit changes call for a bra change. That's expensive and painful to maintain. Plus your sexiest bra in all likelihood won't be the most comfortable or supportive one. It was time to go back to the drawing board.”

Each Switcher Accessory can be paired with different kinds of outfits. Diamond studded straps can be paired with a traditional outfit or one can opt for hand embroidered straps for a classic evening look. If on-the-go is more your style, Switchers also offers quirky prints and bright pop-coloured straps to add more character to your casual wear. Not only this, you can style one bra and wear different straps with it in many of ways. Just buy one single bra along with different styles of shoulder straps and Backs and you are all set to style any outfit with it.

The gorgeous range of lingerie will be available to shop online on from 10th January, 2017. The collection will also go live on leading fashion and e-commerce portals in India. One can then buy different Accessories as needed to style the original bra. The Switchers Bra and all its Accessories will be priced within the range of, Rs 199 to 1999. Prices may also vary as per the design and preference.

So girls and ladies, are you ready to boost your wardrobe and rock every dress you’ve dreamed of wearing with confidence? Don’t worry, Switchers’ got your back!

About Monica Anand, Founder, Switchers

Monica Anand draws inspiration from everyday things and people around her. A keen observer of people’s behaviour, evolving patterns and changing lifestyles, Monica is an entrepreneur, a people’s person and an unshakable optimist at heart.  Her indomitable spirit led her to start her line of intimate wear – Undercover – with an aim to make lingerie all about fashion and comfort. And this spirit continued which gave birth to the vivacious range of the detachable bra brand – Switchers, which truly redefines fashion and comfort.

Born in the United States, Monica has her grounding well-rooted in India. A graduate from Mumbai University with a Post-Graduation from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, Monica has worked with leading corporates, including ICICI Bank, TATA AIG Life Insurance and MNG by Mango, US. During her corporate stint, Monica has led various roles from marketing to merchandising to being a product manager. But, having a comfortable corporate life wasn’t enough for Monica’s entrepreneurial spirit. So, bringing on board her corporate experience, learnings and passion to make a difference, Monica set out to launch her signature brand – Undercover. Now, in year 2017, her excellence in lingerie industry continued with the launch of brand named Switchers which has fashionable, comfortable, detachable bras.

Undercover has been a wonderful beginning for Monica’s work in the lingerie space. Over the last 5 years, she married her observations on the lingerie industry and the needs of the consumer to launch Switchers by Undercover. Switchers is a first of its kind modular, mix and match bra that allows the user to mix and match their bra, pushing the line from innerwear to fashion wear. No more struggling to get supportive and comfortable fashionable bras as Switchers offers just that with great fit and support.
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