Announcement of the formation of “ Federation of Healthcare Associations "– Karnataka & To discuss developments in the private healthcare sector.

Announcement of the formation of “ Federation of Healthcare Associations "– Karnataka

& To discuss developments in the private healthcare sector.                                                                                                                                                  

Bangalore, January 9, 2017:

Federation of Healthcare Associations is a consortium of Registered Private Hospital Associations in Karnataka formed recently with an objective to proactively engage with all stake holders of healthcare service like Healthcare providers, the community and the government to assist in formulating appropriate policies for promoting and providing “qualitative” healthcare. Also to represent Private Healthcare organizations as a focal agency for improvement of healthcare delivery, skill development and to address the challenges faced by them.

Dr Nagendra Swamy, Advisor and Principal Coordinator of FHA, informed that various healthcare associations across Karnataka and Healthcare thought leaders have come together to form this Federation of Healthcare Associations (FHA) – Karnataka with an ambition expand this Federation across India in near future.

FHA on behalf of its member organizations have represented to state Government and SAST trust following perennial constraints which are affecting the Pvt Healthcare organizations that are actively participating in Social welfare schemes managed by Government agencies:

1.      No timely payment to hospitals for the services rendered to the scheme patients. Not honoring the payment terms as per the contractual terms which is forcing hospitals to stop these schemes till it is completely addressed. We have to wait months together for our payment and are faced with challenge of paying our suppliers, staff and other agencies.

As Government or SAST has not responded to our request for prompt payment and not honoring the contract terms. In the interest of patient safety and quality services, we have decided to stop serving these patients under following schemes with effect from 16th Jan 2017:

ü  Vajpayee Arogya Shree Scheme- VAS

ü  Rajiv Arogya Bhagya Scheme- RAB

ü  Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme- JSS

Presently, in order to reduce inconvenience the beneficiaries of above schemes, we will continue the treatment for the existing in- patients ( will not take new patients) w.e.f. 16th Jan and will NOT stop two other schemes of SAST in order to help Children ( RBSK) and Accidental victims ( MS-HS) as our commitment to society.

We earnestly request our Government to completely settle the pending payment with interest as per terms. Also going forward, please settle the amount as per agreed terms of contract.

2.      For the last 7 years, there has been a minimal revision in prices paid for various procedures for these schemes in spite of yearly increasing inflation, revised minimum wages and substantial high salary cost of skilled manpower, which is making participating in these schemes financially unviable over the years. Scientific price fixation is the need of the hour.

3.      As participation in the schemes is a voluntary act; it is not fair to introduce new terms or force new schemes on the existing providers in the middle of the contract.

4.      Gross misuse of schemes by 8non BPL patients due to indiscriminate issuing of these cards.

Finally, our demand is to protect healthcare staff from atrocity by strict implementation of 2009 anti-atrocity act and punish the guilty.

FHA, sincerely requests the Government to address the above perennial problems urgently.

“FHA is deeply interested in Universal Health Care. Many of us who have studied and trained abroad have come back to serve the country. The policies of the Government, with an intention to help people below the poverty line needs to reviewed and revised to be more practical and provide effective positive patient outcomes. A collaborative approach of participation with the medical community will ensure that patients benefit,” says, Dr. Ajaikumar, advisory board, FHA – Karnataka.