Anchanto Empowers Merchants and Enterprises With Cross-Border E-commerce Solution to sell on E-Marketplaces

Lazada, Bluebell Group, JayGee, SuperBex, DKSH, GrandStep, RagUnited, Axtro, over 50+ brands and distributors signed up as customers before public launch.

January 17, 2017, India – Anchanto, the leading e-commerce logistics and selling platform, announced today the launch of SelluSeller - a one-stop platform that enables merchants and enterprises to sell on various e-marketplaces across Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Anchanto developed the highly innovative platform as the most suitable tool which will empower sellers to cut across geographies and access global marketplaces to list products outside of their own country. Within the first month of launch of SelluSeller, Anchanto has had four major customer wins - Lazada, Bluebell Group, DKSH and PayTM.

Anchanto Empowers Merchants and Enterprises With Cross-Border E-commerce Solution to sell on E-Marketplaces

“Over the last five years, we have seen a rapid growth in online marketplaces, each portraying its individual strengths appealing to different segments of sellers across markets and product categories. We realised a critical factor which held an opportunity for us to provide a solution to these sellers to seamlessly list products and manage inventory across all channels with the ease of one single platform,” said Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO, Anchanto. “Sellers are also looking for simple platform to sell their products regionally in to Southeast Asia and India on cross-border model. SelluSeller is design and built for cross-border listing and shipping from day one ” he added.

“The response from industry within the first month of limited launch has been encouraging. We are confident that SelluSeller will bridge the gap perfectly for enterprises, brands and retailers who want to be on e-marketplaces, merchants who want to expand geographies and make the whole process of selling online a fulfilling experience,” Mr. Dabhade further added.

On the SelluSeller platform, sellers can manage prices and promotions, maintain a single common inventory with also comes with an order system,  analytics and full-payment reconciliations. Sellers will be able to sell to these marketplaces whether they are a small home-operated seller or a major seller who sells on all the prominent marketplaces in Asia.

The seller can choose to use any of Anchanto’s Global Fulfilment Network and e-commerce B2C fulfilment which will fully integrate with SelluSeller and provide them with preferred fulfillment rates. This will be further connected to the firm’s broad network of warehouses spread across the region.

With the launch of SelluSeller, Anchanto will be establishing itself as a leading player in the                e-commerce logistics SaaS industry that is focused on the development of its e-commerce selling and logistics platform.

About Anchanto

Anchanto SaaS Technology and integration with ecosystem players makes online selling and e-commerce logistics simple for everyone. Anchanto builds an e-commerce ecosystem, enabling and connecting key players across the globe. Anchanto was established on 17 June 2011 in Singapore with the vision "to give customers an enchanting experience" through our software platform and associated services.

With integrated technology and infrastructure in place, Anchanto delivers exceptional service, world-class fulfillment SaaS Platforms, and partnerships that drive value and revenue for clients across all market in Asia. In 2016, Anchanto deployed ecommerce warehouse management system in 9 countries in Asia. Anchanto also launched in India and Singapore which lets thousands of merchants list and manage their inventory across marketplaces.