Aasaanjobs launches a unique referral Program for Job seekers on its marketplace platform

New Delhi, 19th January, 2017: Aasaanjobs (www.aasaanjobs.com), one of India’s leading online recruitment marketplace that connects entry level job seekers with employers, today announced the launch of its referral program, for job seekers on its platform. As per the program, which commenced on the 3rd of January, interested active job seekers can refer and recommend their friends and acquaintances for job roles, they themselves are applying for. Individuals referring a prospective candidate stand a chance to receive a certain amount on their recommendation, if the candidate joins the organization.

Aasaanjobs launches a unique referral Program for Job seekers on its marketplace platform

The referral program will not only make recruiters and hiring managers’ jobs easier, but will also make it possible for employers to get faster closures on hiring processes. Moreover, candidates will be keener on referring their friends and acquaintances because they themselves are applying for the same job. The referral program is only valid for those jobs which needs bulk hiring and for which, a candidate would want a friend or a close one to also apply and get appointed.

Speaking on the program, Siddharth Gupta, VP, Marketing, AasaanJobs, commented, “We are immensely excited to roll out this unique referral program. It is indeed a great way to get more candidate profiles because the candidate is being referred to the job by another candidate who has been scheduled for that job interview. This becomes hugely beneficial for us because the referrer is well aware of the job responsibilities and is also well aware of the details of the person he is referring the job to. This makes the entire recruitment process much simpler and credible at the same time. Candidates who manage to close a successful referral stand a chance to win a reward.”

“Within a week’s time, we have already started receiving more than 100 referrals a day, on an average.”, he added.

As a part of the program, Aasaanjobs will send referral alerts to those prospective candidates who would have fixed their interview for that particular job.

About Aasaanjobs

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