92.7 BIG FM & Classical band ‘Bhrame’ pays a patriotic tribute on Republic day

Famous Bengaluru band Bhrame paid an emotional, uplugged tribute to Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr Ambedkar on 92.7 Big FM

92.7 BIG FM & Classical band ‘Bhrame’ pays a patriotic tribute on Republic day

Bengaluru, 27th Jan, 2017: On the occasion of Republic Day, 92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and No.1 radio channel is continuing its legacy of providing its listeners with unique and engaging content. As a part of the glorious occasion of the 68th Republic Day of India, BIG FM provided its listeners with a soulful homage to Dr Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr Ambedkar for an entire week through its inspirational show ‘BIG Nayaka’. The week long republic day celebration concluded with a special tribute by classical band ‘Bhrame’ on 25th January at 92.7 BIG FM studio in Bengaluru.

92.7 BIG FM engaged and enlightened the listeners throughout the week with inspirational stories of legends such as Dr Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr Ambedkar on the show BIG Nayaka from 8pm to 10 pm, Mon to Sat. Elevating the patriotism attached to Republic Day, the radio station had famous musical band of Bengaluru ‘Bhrame’ pay homage to the legends at 92.7 BIG FM studio by singing unplugged versions of top 10 patriotic songs of all time. RJ Rohith famous as Rockstar Rohith who has gained accolades for his recent debut in the flick ‘Karva’, also joined the band in the republic day celebration by sharing more such motivational stories of historic heroes. The band engaged the listeners and audiences alike with their soulful voice reflecting their deep rooted Indianism.

Bhrame are musical illusionists, originating from Bengaluru. Classical at heart, Bhrame is flawlessly versatile in terms of the language and the musical compositions. Be it a ghazal, classical song, original composition or a qawali in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada or Telugu, they have a refreshing and melodious take. The members of the band Vikas Vasishta -Vocalist/ Composer, Sparsha R K, Vishwas Vasishta and Alaka Subrahmanya - Vocalists and Sandeep Ravikumar as Tablist that form a team of well established musicians captivated and energized with their powerful performances.

Commenting about the occasion and the talented band, RJ Rohith who is also known as Rockstar Rohith, renowned for ‘Take it easy show’ in Bengaluru BIG FM, said: “It was an honor to have Bengaluru’s most loved band Bhrame visit our studio to pay a tribute on the auspicious day of Republic Day. Their unplugged version of the top 10 patriotic songs were absolutely harmonic and soothing. We all know that no medium is more powerful than Music and Bhrame made our hearts swell with patriotism and pride through their tracks. I am glad to have presented them on BIG Nayaka and fulfill the purpose of the show that is to inspire people. I hope our listeners thoroughly enjoyed Bhrame’s musical salute to our nation and its glorious history.”