3Dexter Revolutionizing the Indian Classroom A 3D Printing Initiative

·         Aims to provide 3D printing workshops Nation- wide to spread awareness

January 30th,2017: 3D printing is the crusade of technology in recent times. We live in an era of technological evolution, where every step we take brings us closer to the future. The students of our nation represent the future and hold enormous potential for developing it. 3D printing holds immense use in the educational sector. It is in fact, the most favorable choice for smart curriculum in educational spheres.

3Dexter has initiated a campaign to take workshops in the country to make sure that the technology reaches each school. The on-going campaign will reach out to all the schools. The 3Dexter team till now has conducted successful workshops at Presidium School – Ashok Vihar, Colonel's central Academy- Gurgaon, Shiv Nadar Public School - Gurgaon  , Mount Abu – Rohini to name a few.

Speaking about the initiative Mr Raghav Sareen, Co-founder and Product Development Director 3Dexter, said “The current education system in India is unable to address the needs of the students to make them skillful. Therefore there is a gap between the education imparted and the skillet of students. To efficiently bridge this gap, 3Dexter continuously provides intellectual, creative and innovative in different educational institutes across cities and towns in the country, preparing students to strive against all odds in future”

The company has executed more than 70 workshops across India, catering to more than 15,000 students. The places they have conducted workshops included cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad. They will be conducting workshops in Jan end for all Amity schools in Delhi/NCR region. With this, they are aiming to expand in the above mentioned cities as there is an increase in demand of students' holistic development for their long term goals and objectives.

The education system currently is not able to cater to the demand of students. There is a gap between learning provided in schools and experiential learning to assist students for their long term career plans. 3Dexter, the edu-tech startup which enhances creativity, innovative thinking, logical thinking to make students more profound towards the new age learning.

Scientifically proven to enhance creativity and original development skills, 3D printing is a venture that not only interests students but also educates them. 3Dexter is a similar venture that aims at revolutionizing the Indian Education system through modern teaching methods aided by 3D printing.

About 3Dexter

Founded in June 2015, 3Dexter is a Delhi based edu-tech startup that provides experiential learning processes at the grass root level to students through 3D printing technology. 3Dexter offers an annual package to the school which consists of 3D printers, 3D pens, Material, trainers/teachers and the curriculum.

The company aims at providing experiential learning through its comprehensive curriculum and apart from that 3Dexter also offers diploma courses for colleges through which a student can opt for 3D printing even after school as there are courses aligned with them. The company was initially bootstrapped but it recently received funding of 1 Crore from Ica Edu Skill Pvt Ltd. 3Dexter is planning to close somewhere around 100 schools by the end of academic year 16-17.