Santa on Hire for Christmas on DoneThing

New Delhi, December 27th, 2016: Ever wished for a Santa on Christmas, ringing your doorbell, with a sack full of gifts? Here is your wish come true! DoneThing brings to you Christmas Special with Santa on Hire! You can now place a request for a Santa to pick your gifts and land up at your doorstep to surprise anyone who opens the door! This Santa could also buy gifts on your behalf to surprise your family.
Santa on Hire for Christmas on DoneThing

This service is aimed at reviving the spirit of Christmas for people of all ages, not just the younger audience that shrieks in delight at the sight of a Santa Claus that they've read about in fairytales and storybooks but also the older audience - the parents reminiscing about their childhood Christmas memories too. The concierge industry has always focused on enhancing customer experiences and DoneThing is doing just that for Christmas. In this highly interactive virtual world, DoneThing brings a flavour of reality to make the mundane daily errands fun, and break the monotony of the same old routines on festive days too.

To book a Secret Santa, all you need to do is place a request on the app for a DoneThing Santa, book your time slot and location, finalise the gifts - to be bought or picked in advance - and watch DoneThing set the magic for Christmas! The charges are as nominal as Rs.100 plus delivery charges for the pick-up of the gift. For more details on the service, you can visit the DoneThing website

"The Santa Claus is no longer a fictional character in today's world that is associated with kids. The emotional connect of the Indian audience is so high that such a surprise for your parents is as likely to swell up tears in the eyes as it is to bring a smile on your child's face. We at DoneThing believe that the Santa Claus should not be lost in books and we want to revive that spirit of Christmas by bringing smiles on faces across Delhi NCR." – Chetan Agarwal, Co-founder DoneThing.

DoneThing, has constantly been reinventing its services to stay relevant to the audience at all occasions. For the on-going wedding season, DoneThing offers Wedding Assistants to run the last minute errands, giving their customers enough time to enjoy and truly live the moments of the wedding! After all, weddings are priceless moments put together in an album to be enjoyed then and remembered later! To place a request download the DoneThing App available on Google Playstore and Apple App store

About DoneThing:

DoneThing provides busy people resources of an on-demand personal assistant through technology, offering affordable convenience to users who require on-demand services. DoneThing, when needed, is a personal shopper & an errand boy that efficiently undertakes day-to- day tasks for its users, such as picking up all items of daily usage from the local market, depositing cheques, paying bills, sending couriers, booking tickets, facilitating home services, car repairs and a lot more. Moreover, this creative platform aids users to explore various handyman services (such as electricians, doctors etc.) and product vendors that have been aggregated as part of their growing network.

This one-stop solution for all daily needs has eliminated the need to visit multiple portals and applications to book different services. With DoneThing you just have to list it to them and they do it for you. It aims to eradicate the struggle of figuring out transport, figuring out what-to-eat and figuring out what-to- watch and how-to- book.

Founded in 2015 by Karan Saharan, Chetan Agarwal, Sonal Saraogi and Rohit Pansari, the start-up raised $230,000 from Hong Kong based Swastika Co Limited in March 2016.