RecruitCircle Extending industrial democracy to recruitment community

An online community for and by recruitment consultants

New Delhi, December 28th, 2016: - Recruiting consultants can now stay ahead of employers and take informed association decisions with Democratizing the recruitment ecosystem, the circle will hold growing database of all employer ratings and reviews with whom they would want to work. Officially launched in October 24th 2016, RecruitCircle can be briefly described as an online community for and by recruitment community.

Further elaborating on the concept, Agastya Saptarshi, Head of Business Development, RecruitCircle commented, “Our aim is to bring the recruitment industry together to form a community. Thus, sharing one another's experience is the key to it and we want to enable recruitment consultants to be able to do that with ease"

RecruitCircle Extending industrial democracy to recruitment community

Aimed at providing the entire recruitment community with information on hiring process of employers, recruiters may have an upper hand. It gives recruitment firms a platform to share their experiences about difficult profiles employers give, timelines for such recruitments, quality of hiring commercials, timely payments and on time feedback of candidate’s.

The circle will have transparent review system in place, where recruiters can review their experience of working with a particular employer and alleviate some shared industry issues like delay in candidate feedback, payment delays, mismatch between employer mandates and market standards. The online community also empowers recruiter to voice their opinion about the employers and aid other recruiters to make informed decision about employers they want to work with.

RecruitCircle is on a mission to help recruitment firms make decisions that will enhance their business and share their experiences of their dealings with the clients to the world.

About RecruitCircle

RecruitCircle aims at providing recruiters with valuable information about clients - time to payment, feedback time, selection rate, attrition rate, etc. We want to enable you with all the information needed to find the best client to work with, along with being able to voice your experience working with the client.