Opulent Sofa Settings by I’ M center for applied arts

I’ M center for applied arts by Punam Kalra has recently launched its latest Sofa Settings with a fine selection of materials. Very contemporary, detailed & striking the collection is made of Mother of pearl panels on the arms of the sofa , inlaid & gold leafed tables look very different & intricate Combination of mirror & brass , upholstered chairs fitted with brass frames impart a very dressy & formal look.

Boxy sofas with sparkling mirror table as the centre piece make their presence felt.
​ ​High gloss PU finish on the sofa structure with perfectly matching & coordinated upholstery shows the attention to detail & combined with a pentagonal mirrored table with a rose gold steel accent piece is another OUT OF THE BOX DESIGN.  A lot of attention has been paid to the selection of fabrics- earthy colors & semi Matt finishes dictate the language in this collection. The entire series is a part of the MADE TO ORDER CONCEPT.

 Depending upon the space, the look & feel desired various combinations can be created. This exclusive range is in sync with the brand style statement.  The finest materials and expert craftsmanship of each collection adds colour and style to any living room. More importantly, they enhance the entire look of the living area giving your home a stylish yet sophisticated feel. Adorn your nest, with the impressive Sofa Collection expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans, to deliver the comfort you seek.
Opulent Sofa Settings by I’ M center for applied arts

Opulent Sofa Settings by I’ M center for applied arts

Opulent Sofa Settings by I’ M center for applied arts

Designs & production by Punam Kalra for  I'm  - The Centre for Applied Arts

I​'M Centre​for Applied Arts - By Punam Kalra, Creative Director

I’m Centre for Applied Arts by Punam Kalra was started in 1994 and started with a Product Design Centre and it was first of its kind in the country. Punam Kalra, a renowned engineer turned designer has been in the business since 1994.  It has been a long time since   Kalra opened her first store at Lajpat Nagar.  She has the expertise to create a wide variety of interior environments from traditional to contemporary. Punam Kalra always believes in innovation and with this new collection also she proved that “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity”.

Punam Kalra strives to develop interior spaces with an underlying classicism that survives the passage of design trends. She being an engineer who with her sense of aesthetics CREATED straight on the jar and very fond of metals in their pure form like copper, brass, Stainless Steel, silver and gold. Combining these with embalming oxidation and antiquing techniques which she has able to create pieces which are really out of the world. It is far that state of being different that people come to us.

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