VedicGram comes up with Ayurvedic Treatment facilities in Noida

Posted by: at 12/21/2016 07:48:00 am
Noida: In an exclusive launch event organized on Wednesday, Noida was introduced to the world of Ayurveda through the city’s first Ayurvedic Centre, VedicGram. In a world where people are prone to ill health, both physically and mentally, VedicGram aspires to bring to you the age old remedy of these through natural herbs and medicines. The doctors at the centre are very understanding of the fact that aged people and corporate employees experience a lot of stress and Ayurveda will go a great way in helping them with this.

Introducing everyone to the concept behind VedicGram, Dr. Piyush Juneja, CEO, VedicGram explained, “There is a lot of stress in day to day life which has started impacting the mental and physical health of everyone. Keeping this in mind, we have started various departments at the centre like Vedic Cardiology, Vedic Gastroenterology, Vedic Orthopedics, Vedic Neurology, Vedic Urology, Vedic Oncology, Vedic Endocrinology, Vedic Nephrology, Vedic Sexology, Vedic Psychiatry, Vedic Dermatology, etc. which would be a first of it’s kind service in Noida.”

Lalit Sharma, MD, VedicGram further elaborated, “Nowadays people are exploring other avenues to get an alternative to mainstream allopathic treatment, and Ayurveda is that one option which heals diseases and frailties with no side effects and better results. We would be organizing free health check-up camps in the regions of Noida in the coming days. Ayurveda is one option which heals diseases and frailties with no side effects and better results. The organization has expansion plans and we would be coming up with 100 more clinics and 10 other treatment centers in Delhi/NCR.” 
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