Saptami, Holiday Inn, Sakinaka, Andheri - Exotic Sea Food feast


Executive Chef, Sudhir Pai dives deep in the sea and comes out with some of the most exotic sea food which he proudly presents at the Saptami, the multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, Sakinaka, Andheri. Options are available for the patrons to go for a sea food dinner buffet or ala carte. Fresh catch will also be kept on display. The buffet will be decorated with fisherman basket, nets, oar etc. 

Saptami, Holiday Inn, Sakinaka, Andheri - Exotic Sea Food feast

Be it deep sea lobster or mud crabs, tiger prawns or pan seared scallops, Norwegian Salmon Steak or King Pomfret, they are dying to get consumed in the most literal sense. Each coastal delicacy can be prepared with multiple options. You can have lobster cooked in garlic butter or chili garlic. Else you can have it thermidor which is double cream, mustard, mushroom, brandy and cheddar.

The mud crabs can be feasted with Chinese style or the desi Manglorean and Chettinad style. Similarly the Tiger prawns can be relished as tandori or in garlic butter sauce or chili prawns. The Norwegian Salmon and Pomfret can be grilled or tandoor  according to your taste and instructions.

All of the dishes come with a choice of any two from the Garlic toast, Garlic naan, French fries, Potato wedges, Garlic mash potatoes, Asian sauté vegetables, Pulao/Steam Rice/Fried Rice. 

For those opting for buffet there is a cyclical menu which consists of the choicest of sea food such as Pomfret, Indian salmon, Mackerels, Crabs,  Shrimps, Kingfish, squids,clams, Basa, baby shark etc. Some of the items on the buffet areSeafood Paella, South Indian, Goan, Bengali, Manglorean, Kerala and Thai Fish curries. Other specialities include Grilled fish , Prawn cocktail , Nicoise salad, etc. 

There will also be a few sea based drinks with blue concept  such as  Blue Lagoon , Bullfrog, Sex on the Beach, Maitai , Long Island etc

Venue: Saptami, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, Sakinaka Junction, Andheri East Mumbai. 

Pricing: Rs 1399- plus taxes

Timings:  7.00 pm to 11.30 pm (dinner only)

Date: Dec 7 to Dec 18

For reservations contact:  022-40851800, 9004617824​