Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review, Price and Benefits

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review, Price and Benefits

Beer Shampoo made from Real Beer.

I always wanted to try a beer shampoo for my hair. And so I got myself one a Beer Shampoo which claims, to be made of real beer. Its Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. I really like the packaging of this beer shampoo. I have read a lot about the benefits of beer for hair and so I wanted to try it out. I tried using beer for washing my hair but the after smell was offel. So the next best thing to beer for me was to use a beer shampoo to reap the benefits of beer for hair. Have been using this beer shampoo for quite some time now. Here is my review on Park Avenue Beer Shampoo.

Before we move on to my review lets look at details about Park Avenue Beer Shampoo.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Details:

This shampoo from Park Avenue contains real beer which is known to have excellent conditioning properties. Daily use Park Avenue Beer Shampoo to get bouncy, shiny and hair which is full of volume.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo can be used by men and women both to get that extra shine and lustre in their hair. It provides your hair the best in hair care. This is shampoo contains real beer so that your hair gets all the benefits of beer for hair. This beer shampoo is sure to help you get lustrous and shiny hair. 

Get smooth, shiny and lustrous hair using Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. It is an effective and rejuvenating shampoo which works to soften your hair and stimulates growth. It has beer as an active ingredient. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo works well to cleanse the scalp and moisturize your hair effectively.

PRICE - Rs 320/- for 2 bottles of 200 ml each.


The most eye catching feature of this shampoo is the bottle. This amazing shampoo comes in a bottle which is shaped like a beer bottle with a flip cap. The smell of this shampoo is also very similar to that of beer but after the wash it doesn’t leave the strong smell in your hair. People like me who love beer will absolutely love its smell. The size of the bottle is quite compact making it travel friendly as well. The Park Avenue Beer Shampoo has a slightly thick texture than normal shampoos and is light brown in color like a beer.

This shampoo from park avenue doesn’t lather well due to it’s low contains of SLES which is harmful for your hair, which is good thing about this shampoo. Rinsing the cleanser is also quite easy you just need to wash your hair with water. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo, works to condition the hair as well so you don’t need to apply a conditioner after shampooing. 
The shampoo really works amazing to make your hair look volumized and bouncy. People who enjoy beer will definitely love this shampoo.

Beer Shampoo Pros:
Unique packaging - The bottle is shaped like a beer pine.
Smells like a beer.
Gives your hair all the benefits of a beer.

Beer Shampoo Cons:
Can sometimes make your hair dry.
Cap does not close back.
No lather if you like lather.


1.Improves Hair quality and lustre

2.The alcoholic properties of beer helps control dry scalp and removes dandruff.

3.The proteins and vitamins present in beer help to strengthen,smoothen and improve the quality of hair.

4.Beer shampoos are known to easily get rid of excess oil from the hair.

5.These shampoos provide an instant shine and volume to the hair.

6.The conditioning properties of beer make the hair manageable.

7.Beer shampoos help in nourishing and smoothing the hair at the same time it also strengthens your hair and pumps up the volume of your hairs.