Love Stories in Indian Cinema Context

Rajiv Menon addresses doctors at NSICON 2016

India 23 December 2016: At the recently held 65th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India in Chennai, Rajiv Menon Ace Director-Cinematographer spoke about the evolution of love stories in Indian cinemas. Apart from Rajiv’s talk which was to bring a change in the topics there was a special discussion on the “The Golden Hour’. Over 1200 doctors from all over India were present.

Love Stories in Indian Cinema Context

Rajiv said, “The main difference that makes Indian cinema stand out from the box of world cinema is the love supported story line in all plots”. Films like Bombay, Refugee and Border were mostly remembered for their romance and love songs in the movie. He also touched upon the implication of love in several plots of Indian cinema in its century-old timeline.

“Love stories in Indian cinemas are classified in two verticals – tragic and happy ending”, he added. He listed out certain types of love stories in Indian cinema which are generated from mythological and historical background like ‘Nala Damayanti’ and ‘Laila Majnu’ and has affected these two genres.

He closed by saying Indian audience is obsessed with love story and they need happy ending. “Love stories and cinema in India can never be separated”, he said.