Kuzey Guney on 19th December @ 10 PM on Zindagi

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Catch the premiere episode of ‘Kuzey Guney’ on 19th December @ 10 PM on Zindagi

The heart-warming Turkish drama stars Vural of ‘Fatmagul’ fame as the lead protagonist

Mumbai, 16 December 2016: Get ready for a new Turkish drama about two radically opposite brothers as Zindagi presents its new series, ‘Kuzey Guney’ powered by  Patanjali Kesh Kanti. The heart-warming drama, premieres on 19th December at 10 PM and will air every Monday – Saturday. ‘Kuzey Guney’ is the story of two competitive brothers who are as different as chalk and cheese. Kuzey played by Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is bold, fearless, spontaneous and aggressive while Guney played by Bugra Gulsoy is calm, patient, level headed and academically bright. The only thing common between the two is their passionate love for Cemre, a beautiful girl who lives in the neighbourhood. An unfortunate mishap changes the lives of the two brothers and Kuzey ends up going to jail for no fault of his own.  

In the first episode of the show, Kuzey is finally being released after serving a four year sentence in prison. Kuzey’s family which comprises of his brother, Guney, his mother – Handan and his father – Sami, go to the prison to bring him home and are relieved that his sentence is over. On returning home, Kuzey realises that things are not the same as before and life has changed. How will Kuzey deal with the changes in his life after prison?
Kuzey Guney on 19th December @ 10 PM on Zindagi

Kuzey Guney on 19th December @ 10 PM on Zindagi

Bugra Gulsoy, better known to audiences in India as Vural in Zindagi’s blockbuster Turkish show, Fatmagul; will be seen in the show as Guney in Kuzey Guney. Bugra was one of the culprits who ruined Fatmagul’s life and gathered a huge female fan following in India despite his grey character in the show. Now his fans can look forward to seeing Bugra play the lead character of Guney, a level headed, patient, sensitive yet ambitious man in his new show about two brothers who are radically opposites in nature.  

Watch the story of two brothers in ‘Kuzey Guney’ that premieres on 19th December at 10 PM on Zindagi!!!
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